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Study On The Effect Of Comprehensive Reform Of Agricultural Water Price On Farmers' Willingness To Save Water

Posted on:2018-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330512487582Subject:Rural and regional development
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Agriculture is a big water consumer.The stability of agricultural water use is very important for agricultural development and agricultural modernization in China.However,the shortage and waste of water resources have caused the problem of "water shortage".In the past,the government tried to increase the supply of water and financial subsidies,etc.could not solve the current contradiction in water use.In this context,the analysis of the effect of the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price and the key factors affecting the water-saving of farmers in our country at present stage are of great significance for the realization of agricultural water-saving,grain increasing and efficiency increasing.This paper takes Anqiu City of Shandong Province as an example.Through the investigation of agricultural water price reform situation in Anqiu City to describe the effectiveness and impact of its reform,theoretical model to describe the influence of water price reform on farmers' water-saving intention and then analysis and determine the impact of the key factors of farmers' water-saving.Therefore,the Logistic regression model is used to analyze the decision-making mechanism of farmers' water-saving measures and analysis of the key factors affecting farmers' wate-saving under the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price from the perspective of demonstration.It is very important for the development of water-saving agriculture.The combination of research methods through literature and empirical analysis,five key factors influencing the farmers' water-saving were extracted,namely gender,the average age of the family labor force,the type of occupation,the area of cultivated land,the proportion of economic crops,the proportion of agricultural income to total income and other factors.It is concluded that under the background of the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price to develop water-saving agriculture,The key factors that affect farmers' willingness to take water conservation measures depend on the factors associated with maximizing the benefits of the farmers themselves.As long as the vital interests of farmers,In order to maximize the efficiency of farmers in the agricultural production process farmers will consciously take water conservation measures in agricultural production.Take the pilot reform of water price in Shandong Province as an example to discuss andanalysis on the effect of comprehensive reform of agricultural water price and the key factors affecting farmers' water-saving intention.It has certain significance for the regulation and development of water-saving agriculture in China and provide reference for the government to deepen the implementation of agricultural water price reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:comprehensive reform of agricultural water price, farmers' willingness to water-saving, influence factor, Logistic regression mode
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