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A Study On The Ethic Of Corporate Social Responsibility In China From The Perspective Of Adam Smith’s Idea About The Unity Between "Altruism" And "Egoism"

Posted on:2018-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330518964352Subject:Management philosophy
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Adam Smith in the "Wealth of Nations" in the description of human nature is selfish,each person aims to maximize the interests of the pursuit of "invisible hand" metaphor in the market economy in the market mechanism of spontaneous action,and in the free economy,individual chase Selfishness will promote social development.In the "moral theory of morality" leads to the "sympathy" principle,through the "fair bystander" evaluation criteria to overcome the parties to the moral evaluation of the bias,and that prudent,self-denial,mercy,justice,the happiness of others,Which led to the formation of two different ideological system,that is,"self’ and "altruistic" thinking,and therefore brought the "Smith problem" whether there is a contradiction controversy.In the real world,there is indeed a conflict between self-interest and altruism.However,Smith’s use of "invisible hand","justice" in economic,moral and legal aspects,in the works of "Wealth of Nations" and "moral theory of morality" Of the bystander "and" justice"of the three paths to self and altruism between the unity of the elaborated.That the existence of "self" and "altruistic" is uniform.In view of today’s society,enterprises because of the lack of moral awareness of managers,resulting in one-sided pursuit of the interests of maximizing the benefits of self-interest behavior,and because of the relevant legal system is not perfect and let the product flow in the market caused by the consequences of harm,And "altruism" between the relationship between the opposition,resulting in the pursuit of economic interests in the interests of self-employed and bear social responsibility between the contradictions.The purpose of this study is to analyze the coherence of Smith’s "self-interest" and "altruism",and how enterprises and their stakeholders fulfill their social responsibilities under the interests of their respective interests,and through Smith’s unity of thought as a bridge:Enterprises to bear the social responsibility of self-interest and altruism of the contradictory relationship,so as to achieve the unity of interests of enterprises and stakeholders to achieve win-win cooperation between each other in the process of mutual promotion to achieve social development.
Keywords/Search Tags:altruism, egoism, unity, Social responsibility, ethics
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