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The Research On Mechanism Of Technological Progress On Structural Evolution Of China's Manufacturing Industry Under Low-carbon Economy Mode

Posted on:2015-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330518970974Subject:Industrial Economics
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Manufacturing industry is an important part of our national economy,it is a symbol of national economic power and comprehensive national strength. For China such a populous developing country, the development level of manufacturing industry plays an irreplaceable role for implementing the national modernization and industrialization early and smoothly.Manufacturing industry is one of the important part of industrial and the main department of energy consumption, Now China is in a critical period of industrialization, the development of manufacturing industry is particularly important,Faced with limited resources,serious problems such as global warming, China's manufacturing industry not only to the pursuit of rapid growth in total,more important is to promote the adjustment of internal structural of China's manufacturing industry. Technological progress is an important symbol of measuring a country's level of productivity, technological progress promotes the elements to flow between different industries by means of the difference of productivity level at the same of promoting industrial structure, and promote the evolution of the structural. Based on the research of the mechanism between the technological progress and structure evolution, the paper decomposed the Manufacturing industry's productivity growth, and put forward corresponding policy and suggestion for the adjustment of manufacturing industry structure.First of all, the paper analyzed the mechanism of technological progress on structure evolution of China's manufacturing industry under low carbon economy mode from the industry structure and factor structure of manufacturing two aspects, defined the low carbon development mode of manufacturing technology combined with the structural bonus hypothesis; Secondly,the 28 industries of manufacturing is divided into seven categories industries according to industry's characteristics, and analyzed the overall development situation of manufacturing industry and the present situation of structure evolution of different industries of manufacturing. Again, utilized the data of gross value of industrial output, fixed capital stock,average annual employed persons, total energy consumption during 1998-2011,measured the technological progress rate during 1988-2011 based on the model of technical progress rate in the case of solow neutral, then used the shift-share method to decompose the energy productivity growth of manufacturing industry and seven categories of manufacturing industry from 1998 to 2011 into internal growth effect and structural effect,decomposed the total factor productivity of manufacturing industry and seven categories industry of manufacturing industry into the output structural effect,labor transfer effect,capital transfer effect, energy transfer effect, measured the contribution rate of the each effect of seven categories of manufacturing industry to the TFP growth,made a comparative analysis of the role technical progress made to the manufacturing structure evolution trend according to the results of the empirical research, analyzed the low-carbon development mode of seven categories industry of manufacturing industry. Finally, put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technical progress, Manufacturing structural, Structural bonus, Shift-share
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