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A Study Of Factors Of Consumer Purchase Intention Based On Flow Theory In Mobile Internet Environment

Posted on:2017-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330488453457Subject:Business management
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With the continuous development of mobile Internet, mobile terminal’s status as the first big Internet terminal equipment is more solid, the user mobile devices such as mobile phone complete mobile business class application shows a tendency of rapid growth, mobile payment drive the rapid growth of e-commerce applications such as mobile shopping, mobile Internet has deep effect into our daily life work, new mobile Internet age has become a big background which we can not ignore.Mobile Internet via mobile networks to get communication and network service. The simplicity of the mobile Internet and diverse applications meet the needs of users, Internet users on the Internet for continuous growth. All kinds of convenient business class application has attracted a large number of users join in, and allows the user to produce very big dependence, changed the traditional network users in the living habits and economic behavior. Mobile Internet anytime and anywhere the user time fragmentation, make full use of the user’s leisure time, and the user enjoys a immersed in the leisure environment, easier to produce flow. More and more enterprises joins in the mobile Internet industry, and the competition is more fierce, companies started to try various ways to stimulate consumer purchase intention, get better marketing effect, but consumers via mobile devices in the mobile Internet psychological state before and have been used in the case of consumer psychology are consistent under the Internet shopping, and the factors affecting the purchase intention of two modes are the same or not, whether affect purchase intention of the mobile Internet features, under the background of mobile Internet how to motivate consumers to flow, so as to stimulate the purchase intention, these problems reflect the enterprise of new purchase intention under the age of the Internet also is unfamiliar. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss purchase intention under the environment of the mobile Internet.The research model builds on literature research and then demonstration it. It mainly includes the study of relationship between the characteristics of mobile internet and consumer and flow experience, the relationship between flow experience and purchase intention, and the intermediary role of flow experience between mobile internet characteristics and purchase intentions.This paper conduct a questionnaire survey of consumers via questionnaire to collect sample data, and then conduct factor analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis of the survey data with the social statistics Package SPSS to test the presented hypothesis, and finally draw conclusion.The empirical results show that:the modified TAM model is applicable in the study, and the final data analysis results demonstrate the explanatory power of TAM. Perception of pleasure is a key factor of affecting consumer purchase intention. Furthermore, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, instant, network size and quality and attention’s impact on purchase intention has been confirmed; Path-dependence, perceived control, perceived usefulness, perceived value, perceived ease of use, network size and quality, social influence and instant have a significant impact on perception of pleasure. Perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, instant, network size and quality, social influence and perceived value produced a significant impact on attention, but perception of control and path-dependence did not produce a significant impact on attention.Finally, attempt to put forward three suggestions:optimize shopping process and improve presentation to increase consumer perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use, expansion of network scale and optimize network quality to meet consumer demand for instant, improve user experience to enhance the mobile internet social influence.
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