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Research On Mobile Flow Management Strategy In Inner

Posted on:2014-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2279330428983877Subject:Business Administration
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With the third generation mobile communication (3G) licenses issued, China has formally entered into the era of mobile network. Communications industry in the country’s strong support for private capital and open policy context has undergone tremendous change. Competition in the communications industry today is no longer the competition of basic network operators for the operation, the communications industry chain continues to extend for both terminals and applications. Telecom operators, terminal manufacturers, Internet companies, telecommunications equipment manufacturers etc have added to competition among the industrial chain. Every customer contacts have become a new focus of competition. At the same time, among the mobile Internet era users’behavior and consumption habits are also changing, voice and SMS services are no longer the most important communication needs. All kinds of mobile Internet-based applications and content become the new consumption hot spots. The data shows that in2012the growth of China Mobile Voice total number of call minutes and voice services revenue has decreased substantially compared with last year, while the wireless Internet business volume and revenue showed substantial growth. Therefore, flow operation has become the communications operators’new competitive arena, and is to be the blue ocean of greater value.This paper studies the status of china mobile flow operation. And the problems in Inner Mongolia mobile were discussed through SWOT analysis. Finally, according to these problems, the network cooperation strategy, the terminal marketing strategy, internet product strategy, operational strategy and fine multi-channel marketing strategy were presented to help china mobile flow operation as a reference.Hope that through this study, the Inner Mongolia Mobile clarify the internal and external environment, discover the problems and find effective strategies, and then do better in flow operation to enhance the value of flow.
Keywords/Search Tags:Flow Operation Strategy, The Mobile Internet, The Third Generation MobileCommunications
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