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Study On Marketing Strategy Of Jujube Bud Tea In Lanzhou Gaoyuanhong Jujube Industry Co.Ltd.

Posted on:2017-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330533951535Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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In recent years,with peopleís health consciousness,health care tea and tea has the health functions of substitute people love.Red jujube industry co.,LTD.mainly around lanzhou plateau jujube link of management to produce a large number of abandoned bud leaf,make a comprehensive utilization development and transformation of appreciation.In 2013,the company completed the jujube bud green tea processing technology,the domestic invention patent successfully,and the completion date bud tea based on the analysis of the nutrition ingredient,according to the standard of non-polluted tea health indicators for the comprehensive test,but the company hasnít a clear development strategy.The body of the thesis is divided into four parts.The first part mainly completed the thesis research background,theoretical review,and the latest research outlook.The second part introduces the research the related situation of the enterprise,has carried on the preliminary list of the various resources.Red jujube industry co.,LTD.The third part mainly includes the lanzhou plateau present situation and problems of the marketing environment analysis,marketing analysis and put forward the marketing strategy formulation and company.The third part is also paper needs to solve the key problem.Lanzhou plateau red jujube industry co.,LTD.This paper analyzes the marketing environment,induce jujube industry co.,LTD.Lanzhou plateau jujube flower tea marketing situation of internal and external environment,analysis of advantages and disadvantages,opportunities and threats of jujube flower tea.Listed company marketing present situation and problems,the main analysis of existing problems,and to provide basis for the establishment of marketing strategy.To formulate and lanzhou plateau red jujube industry co.,LTD.Marketing strategy is put forward.Focus on market segmentation,target market selection and market positioning,on the basis of according to the characteristics of the target market of jujube flower tea make feasible marketing strategy.The fourth part is the paper some research results.Thesis through research to develop red jujube industry co.,LTD.Lanzhou plateau jujube flower tea marketing strategy,full use of marketing,operations management,and strategic transformation of theory knowledge,for small business market has a certain guiding significance to the choice of marketing strategy,for other types of small businesses to carry out marketing activities also has certain theoretical significance and practical significance.
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