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Research And Development Of Control System For Wallboard Automatic Production Line

Posted on:2020-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z P LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330578967321Subject:(degree of mechanical engineering)
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Along with the building industrialization development,the demand for wallboard is increasing day by day.However,there are some shortcomings in the wallboard production process,such as low efficiency,high labor intensity and low automation.The research of wallboard automatic production line can solve these problems.Based on the development status of the wallboard production line,this subject takes the research of wallboard automation production line as the research objective.On the basis of reading a large number of documents,the subject carries out a reasonable overall planning of the production line,divides the subsystems based on the function of each module of the process flow,carries out the improvement design and control demand analysis of each subsystem equipment,and then coordinates the subsystems to complete the whole line design.Finally,through the experimental analysis,the control parameters of the production line are optimized and selected.In the aspect of process design,consulting relevant papers and drawing lessons from foreign advanced wallboard production process to make overall production line planning.According to the production requirements,the whole production line is divided into individual parts,and each part is designed separately.Based on the existing wallboard production equipment in China,the related equipment of the production line is improved and perfected.The wallboard forming system,wallboard synchronous cutting system,wallboard stacking system and wallboard transfer system are designed and completed.Each system realizes the automatic production of wall panels through the cooperation of multi-station sensors.In the aspect of control system design,the overall plan of control system is made according to the control demand of production line.According to the different functions and spatial layout,the control system is divided into two parts: production system and transport system.The production system includes five subsystems: shaping,cutting,palletizing,feeding and recycling,and transportation is a separate transport system.PLC is used as the core controller to design the control system of production system and transshipment system.According to the control requirements of each subsystem,the hardware of motor and cylinder is selected,and the corresponding main circuit wiring and pneumatic schematic design of motor are completed.Based on the selected hardware,the software design of the control system is completed,including the design of input and output wiring diagram,timing design and human-computer interaction interface of the control system with PLC as the core.In the aspect of experiment design and analysis,three experiments are designed to optimize the control parameters of the production line.The experiment of cutting surface flatness analysis is designed to optimize the cutting speed of the cutting system;the orthogonal experiment is designed to analyze the influence of the control parameters of the forming machine on the appearance quality of the wallboard,and to optimize the selection of the rotational speed and vibration frequency;the experiment of testing the wallboard compactness uniformity is designed to analyze the influence of the speed difference of the propeller on the wallboard density uniformity,and to optimize the selection of the rotational speed difference.Through experimental analysis,better control parameters are selected for production control to further improve the quality of production wallboard,thereby improving the quality of production line.
Keywords/Search Tags:wallboard, PLC, extrusion molding, automatic production
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