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Force Perfoemence Of Intersection Joints Of Vierendeel Sandwich Plate With Column In Cassatte Structure

Posted on:2018-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The assembled monolithic steel-grid cassette structure is a new type of structural system put forward by academician Kejian Ma in 2010.The structural system has been applied to many projects.The overall performance of the system,seismic performance research has been in full swing,but the performance studies of the cassette structure joint are relatively infrequent.The assembled monolithic steel-grid cassette structure joint is a new form of intersection of vierendeel truss and column,the mechanical and deformation performance of the cassette structure slab column edge connection needs to be analyzed.In this paper,the internal force,stress and deformation performance during the process of vierendeel beam turning to be vierendeel truss are analyzed and studied with theoretical analysis and simulation study.Furthermore,the correctness of the theory and finite element simulation is verified by experiments.Finally,the method of finite element simulation is used to improve joint structure form,and the role of joint region deformation played in joint deformation energy consumption is analyzed to some extent.After the study of above methods for joint performance,the research shows that the joint in right part of the vierendeel has an important effect on the internal force of the specimen,moreover,the shear deformation of the vierendeel truss accounts for a very large proportion in the total deformation.Therefore,it is necessary for shear connector to have sufficient rigidity to ensure the safety and reliability of the vierendeel truss joints.It is found that the section stiffness of the T-shaped steel webs is too small to meet the requirements of the bending moment and stress concentration for the web section stiffness,so improved methods are proposed.The deformation of the joint region plays an important role in the overall deformation.It is necessary to strengthen the relative research on the overall deformation with joint region.
Keywords/Search Tags:cassette structure, slab column edge connection, vierendeel truss, mechanical property, joint region, rigidity matching
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