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The Application Of Newmark's Text Typology In The Translation Of Non-fictions

Posted on:2019-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Translation plays a crucial role in communication between different countries today because of globalization.Many Chinese classics and works are translated into foreign languages,and also lots of foreign language works are introduced into China.English non-fiction become popular,therefore,high quality translations of non-fiction are in great demand.Many translation companies and translation activities rise in this context.However,the quality of the translated works varies greatly.Some lower quality translations of non-fiction exert a negative influence on the field of non-fiction translation,thereby restricting the prevalence and development of non-fiction.On the basis of the above problems,this report will present a description and analysis of a non-fiction text translation and summarize some useful methods for non-fiction translation based on the author's own translation experience.The translation material is the chapter eight of The Conquering Tide:War in the Pacific Islands,1942-1944.This chapter mainly depicts that a team of American army was sent to Australia for fighting fascist countries.A series of events happened between American soldiers and Australian since then.Also,American hit Japanese military several times in Pacific islands under the guidance of MacArthur and other generals,which lay the final victory of antifascist.Based on the fact that The Conquering Tide:War in the Pacific Islands,1942-1944 is non-fiction,this report combs the characteristics of it,guided by Newmark's text typology theory.Combined with the translation strategies of semantic translation and communicative translation,this report summarizes the translation methods of documentary literature from the lexical,syntactic and textual levels through a case study of the target text,and draws a conclusion through practice and analysis: although a text can be roughly classified as a text type and has major linguistic functions,the translator should apply some specific translation strategies according to concrete texts.It is hoped that this report can provide reference for solving the problems in non-fiction translation and realize the importance of text typology for non-fiction translation in the aspect of theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:non-fiction, text typology, communicative translation, semantic translation
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