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The Application Of "Space Transformation" In The Display Space

Posted on:2019-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Q YinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330548487613Subject:Art and design
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Display design is based on the principle of people-oriented.Its purpose is to transmit information accurately and efficiently to the target audience and get information feedback in time.As the external manifestation,the exhibition design is a process of designing the exhibition environment by means of technology and art,using props,equipment,lighting and other carriers and technologies,in order to have potential impact on the audience.As a unique multi-disciplinary cross characteristic,display design has integrated the artistic expression and practice of plane design and three-dimensional space design.The changing visual form is an important part of the display space.Based on the artistic expression and practice of "space transformation" in the exhibition space,this paper combs and explores its concept and expression,and looks forward to the future presentation of the spatial expression of design.In the first part of the introduction,this paper mainly collated and analyzed the current research status of the exhibition space,and determined the direction and innovation of the research content.In the second chapter,mainly analyzes the exhibition space of "space" art form,gives a detailed discussion on the visual performance of solid display space and convey the feelings of information space,analysis of the exhibition space in the solid to the dynamic transformation.The third chapter mainly analyzes the application of the art transformation form of "space transformation" based on the graduation design works.It explores how to achieve the diversification of the mixed space in the exhibition space.Through case studies,we analyzed the trend of interdisciplinary cooperation and interactivity of "spatial transformation",and looked forward to the application prospect of "space transformation" combined with new media technology in three-dimensional modeling space.
Keywords/Search Tags:display space, visual communication, space conversion, augmented reality, pluralistic presentation
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