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The Comparative Research Of Heritance Of Wood New Year Picture Between Shanxi Fengxiang And Jiangsu Taohuawu

Posted on:2019-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Wood new year picture is one kind of traditional Chinese Folk Art.It has had a long history with the culture accumulation of thousands of years.Dozens of stylish Wood new year picture bases that was on behalf of Southern Taohuawu and Northern Yangliuqing were formed.This article takes wood new year picture of Fengxiang Shaanxi and Taohauwu Jiangsu as examples to do comparative research in terms of content and themes,style and colors features,craftsmanship,as well as cultural intension.Their values and meanings are analyzed based on the characters in different periods of its history and young man's aesthetic requirement.The purpose of this article is to understand inherent soul of the traditional new year picture through finding out its changing characteristics in keeping with the trend of the times.In order to make some contribution to the inheritance of wood new year pictures of Fengxiang and Taohuawu,it ought to learn form history and response to the call to protect this kind intangible cultural heritage.This article is divided into six chapters.The 1st chapter sorts out the developing pathway of new year picture and wood new year picture,generally summarizes the producing areas distribution as well as similarities and differences between the south and north style,and then analyzes the commonplace and difference between new year picture and the wood one by tracking the historical process of producing,developing,declining period.The following chapter concludes the similarities and differences of wood new year picture's content and theme,stylish and color features between Fengxiang and Taohuawu by comparative research of technological process and content.The third Chapter,the similarities of moral,functions and craft between these two art style are concluded.Chapter 4 investigates the distinctive forms of content and emphasis of theme selection through contrast and analysis.And Chapter 5 finds out the different art style and aesthetic taste,and analyzes the essential reasons ofdifferences between them in context of various local customs and cultural atmospheres that were formed from Baoji's and Suzhou's geographic environments and historical culture background.The final chapter gets results of the modern value of Fengxiang and Taohuawu wood new year picture from comparative research and analysis of current situation.And the meanings and suggestions of heritage are put forward to make some contribution to the better existence and development of this two kinds of wood new year pictures.According to research,these two art forms both fall into the nearly same survival predicament due to content and forms without creation,single consumer groups,narrow market,lack of professional and outstanding researchers and inheritors because of less supporting policies and so on.Hence,this sort of traditional folk art can not have great vitality any more resulted from the shortage of survival solid in modern days.As researcher of wood new year picture,the first priority is to think the future developing direction,explore and innovate the value of art itself in collaboration with the requirement of the times,and develop a brand new form that is suitable for consumption need to penetrate all aspects of the modern's daily life so as to make this traditional folk art inherit and develop well in the future,attract more attention,use and collection by more and more people.
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