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A Comparative Study Of Female Characters In Taohuawu And Fengxiang Woodcut New Year Pictures

Posted on:2021-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Woodcut New Year pictures are a form of folk art in the period of Chinese farming civilization and an important part of traditional folk culture.The Qing Dynasty was the heyday of the development of woodblock prints.The artistic characteristics of woodblock prints in different regions interacted with each other,showing a colorful style of New Year prints.This article selects Suzhou Taohuawu and Shaanxi Fengxiang woodcut New Year pictures of female characters New Year pictures as the research object.Through analogical analysis of the differences between different regions and humanities in the north and south,collects and combs the data of the female figures New Year pictures of the two places for careful study,objective analysis,rational Think about it,explore the causes that formed the New Year pictures of the two places,and look for some connection between them.This thesis mainly combs,studies and practices through seven parts.The first part is to sort out and analyze the background,content and significance of the research topic,and then lead to the central argument of this article-the new year pictures of female figures.The second part is to sort out and analyze the objective reasons and internal relations of different woodcut new year art styles in the two places.The third part is an in-depth analysis of the New Year's picture from the composition form,and feels the beauty of the New Year's artist in the creation process from the perspective of different regions.Comparative analysis of the modeling features of the model,to explore the differences in the modeling of the new year pictures of female figures in the two places;the fifth part is an analogy analysis of the color setting methods and the characteristics of the new year pictures from the characteristics of color use Variety.The third,fourth,and fifth parts are the key core discussion parts of the study of female figure New Year pictures in this article,mainly comparing and analyzing the composition form,modeling features and color characteristics of female figure New Year pictures.The sixth part is to sort out the process of making woodblock new year pictures,and then extend to the protection and continuation of the seventh part woodblock new year pictures.The connotation and extension of woodblock New Year pictures are multi-faceted and in-depth.They use ancient text and image records to record and inherit traditional folk woodblock New Year pictures,contributing to the protection,development,inheritance and continuation of this traditional folk art Strength has very important historical significance and humanistic value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Taohuawu, Fengxiang, Woodcut New Year Pictures, Female Characters, Comparative Study
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