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On The Translation Of Long English Sentences Within The Framework Of Functional Eqivalence Theory

Posted on:2017-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Long sentences in English literary reviews bear certain message and the original author's intention.In order to reproduce the source message to the maximum,the translator needs to translate these long sentences in a proper way.How to translate these long sentences with complex structures are main difficulties faced by the translator.Within the framework of Nida's functional equivalence theory,this thesis summarizes appropriate translation methods based on the translation practice of The Native American Renaissance: Literary Imagination and Achievement.Of the many problems encountered in the translation process,the translator finds that the flexible long sentences are major obstacles in comprehending and translating the source text.Specifically,these obstacles are composed of three aspects.Firstly,what are the characteristics of the long sentences in literary reviews? Secondly,what translation strategy can the translator turn to in the translation of the long sentences in literary reviews? Thirdly,what specific methods can the translator adopt to translate these long sentences? In order to retain important information of the source text in the translation process,the translator needs to solve these obstacles.And it can make the translation smooth and enhance its readability eventually.Aiming at solving the above problems,the translator chooses Nida's functional equivalence theory as the guidance in his translation practice.In this way,the translator explores how to make the target text reader understand the translated text as smoothly as the source text readers do.In order to retain and reproduce the important information of long sentences in The Native American Renaissance: Literary Imagination and Achievement in the actual practice of translation,the translator,by comparing the differences between English and Chinese,chooses the appropriate sentence structure in Chinese,and eventually reproduces the original information.According to different characteristics of long sentences,the translator mainly adopts consequent translation,reverse translation,decomposition and reconstructing translation in long sentence rendering,attempting to translate the long sentences in the source text in a better way.According to the case analysis of translation practice,functional equivalence theory has great significance in guiding the translation of the long sentences in literary reviews.
Keywords/Search Tags:long sentence translation, functional equivalence theory, the source text, target language
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