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A Translation Report Of Long Sentence Guided By The Functional Equivalence Theory

Posted on:2020-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330575985468Subject:English translation
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The rapid development of globalization deepens cultural exchanges.It is in this context that the language plays an important role in international communication.A good translation serves as a bridge to connect the world,which makes contributions to cultural inheritance and interpersonal exchanges.The linguistic features vary from Chinese to English.Chinese sentences are distinguished by the loose sentence pattern.There are numerous long sentences in English,for example,complex sentence and compound sentence.English sentences are characterized by compact and long sentence.Hence,solving these problems properly can bring the role of “ bridge” into full play and be good for people-to-people exchanges.In this context,the translator adopts the biography,HALL CAINE the Man and the Novelist,to study the problems mentioned above.The biography narrates the hidden side of this famous novelist.There are numerous complex and compound sentences in this book.Therefore,the translator adopts the functional equivalence theory.This theory,put forward by Eugene Nida,advocates an effective transformation between source language and target language,which is not just limited to the fidelity of the semantic equivalence and stylistic equivalence,but also to the effect of readers' acceptance.Hence,the translation should focus on striking a balance between form and content.Guided by the functional equivalence theory,this report adopts embedding strategy,cutting off strategy,reversing strategy,splitting off strategy,adding strategy,and other strategies to tackle with the long sentence in English.This practice report is not restricted by the structure or the form of the original language.Rather,it takes a further study of long sentence translation in English.Under the background,the translation is expected to adhere to the style equivalence and the semantic equivalence.This report provides strong grounds and references for the translation of long sentence,which is not only consistent with the Chinese expression,but also attempts to overcome the cultural barriers.
Keywords/Search Tags:functional equivalence, long sentence, translation method
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