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A Report On The E-C Translation Of The Games:A Global History Of The Olympics(Selected)under The Guidance Of Functional Equivalence

Posted on:2021-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the 23rd Summer Olympics is going to be held in Tokyo,people across the world are filled with enthusiasm and expectation.Holding Olympic Games can carry forward the Olympic spirit,fuel the economy of the host and bring along the peace and development for the world.Yet,the majority of the people know less about how the Olympic Games develop into global colossus.Thus,The Games:A Global History of the Olympics is of extraordinary significance.In the process of translation,the author mainly encountered two kinds of difficulties.At lexical level,there are plenty of sports reports in the book,so idioms and proper nouns repeatedly appear.How to translate idioms to make Chinese readers understand the deep meaning of idioms and how to translate proper nouns with multiple language functions represent as the difficulties for the author.At the syntactic level,as the book is academic by nature,the difficulties at this level are how to deal with the translation of long and difficult sentences and passive sentences.Under the guidance of Eugene Nida's functional equivalence theory,the author,with corresponding translation methods,has solved the difficulties successively.For idiom translation,the author employed literal translation and free translation.Proper nouns were translated by adding annotations and adopting the establishment name to reduce readers' reading difficulties.Based on the analysis of the logical structure,the author adopted division and conversion to translate long and difficult sentences.As for the passive sentences,the author turned it to Chinese passive sentence or active sentence or non-active sentence according to the specific situations.The author combined the functional equivalence theory and translation methods,aiming to obtain similar readers' response.Moreover,the report is designed to render guidance to the translators engaging in similar texts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Eugene Nida, Functional Equivalence, Translation Methods, Readers' Response
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