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A Translation Report Of Translation And Globalization (Chapter 2)

Posted on:2021-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This is a translation report.The source text is the second chapter of Translation and globalization(2003 edition)by Michael Cronin.This chapter deals with contemporary models of translation organization and asks what the role of the translator might be in the twenty-first century.The translation report is divided into four parts: the first part is task description,which introduces the background,objective and significance of the translation project.The second part involves translation process,which consists of pre-translation preparation,problems encountered,as well as proofreading of post-translation.The third part is case studies including nominalization,semantic extension,passive voice and long sentences from lexical and syntactical levels,and translation adjustment at textual level.Based on the difficulties,the translator seeks to differentiated coping methods.The last part is translation conclusion,which contains the experience and shortcomings of the translation.
Keywords/Search Tags:translation and globalization, nominalization, semantic extension, passive voice, long sentences, text
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