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A Report On The Translation Of One Into Many: Translation And The Dissemination Of Classical Chinese Literature (Thesis Seven)

Posted on:2015-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This is a translation project report on the seventh chapter: Miss Cui Takes aHermeneutic Turn“:Yingying zhuan” and Its Various Translations and Retranslationsof One into Many: Translation and the Dissemination of Classical Chinese Literatureedited by Professor Leo Tak-hung Chan, and the thesis is written by Birgit Linder, aprofessor at City University of Hongkong. As the source text of this translation projectbelongs to academic work, the author adopts a translation theory and differentstrategies accordingly to achieve a better communicative effect. With examples, thisreport mainly addresses the translation of academic terms according to the “thicktranslation” theory; the translation of long sentences is also discussed, based on threemethods, namely “division”,“addition of logical connectives”,“concrete diction”;and finally it goes to the translation of passive voice sentences, which are aimed atproviding some references for the translation of academic texts.
Keywords/Search Tags:“Yingying zhuan”, academic work, thick translation, translation ofterminology, translation of long sentences, translation of passive voice sentences
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