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Research On Marx's Labor Ethic Thought

Posted on:2019-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330542994702Subject:Marxist philosophy
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In Marx's labor ethic thought,people is an important organic part of his thought.His deep understanding to the social development of the main contradiction lies in the contradiction of social relations,in order to completely solve the contradiction between social relations make the healthy development of the society fully is the social and the vast majority of the working class to more care and help.This discovery is of great significance to the liberation and freedom of human beings,and the labor ethic thought in this aspect is the important research content of this paper.This paper mainly studies and analyzes the content,historical position and significance of Marx's labor ethics thought from the perspective of philosophy.The specific content is as follows:the introduction part,briefly elaborates the reason of the topic,the research status at home and abroad,the research purpose and the research method.The first chapter elaborates the theoretical source of Marx's labor ethics thought from three aspects:German classical philosophy,bourgeois political economy and three major utopian socialism.The second chapter mainly discusses the main content of Marx's labor ethics thought from the ethics of labor subject,labor relation and labor system ethics.The main ethic of labor includes capital humanitarianism and labor humanism,the concern for the development of workers and the protection of the rights of social workers.The ethics of labor relations include Marx's conception of labor history and the change of labor relations ethics in human history;The labor system ethics includes the main content of Marx's labor system ethics,the ethical purport of the capitalist labor system and the ethical purport of the socialist labor system.The third chapter mainly evaluate the Marx labor ethics,ethics thought mainly from Marx's labor contribution to the human,theoretical value and practical significance,summarizes limitations in three aspects.The fourth chapter mainly elaborates Marx labor ethics enlightenment for the construction of harmonious labor relations,including the subject status of the labor and the theory of main body relations,labor conflicts of interest and improving the external environment and realize the labourer right to these three aspects of enlightenment.
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