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The Evolution Of Traditional State Sovereignty To Cyberspace Sovereignty

Posted on:2019-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545458025Subject:International politics
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National sovereignty is a concept of historical category.Its content is continually evolving with the development of history.As a new area for human's activity,cyberspace brings both opportunity and challenge for human's work and life.Cyberspace is facing with challenges such as cyber monitoring,cyber penetration and cyber attack.It is crucial to study the inheritance and development of cyberspace sovereignty toward national sovereignty.National sovereignty is thesis' s object of study.Analytical methods such as literature research method,history analysis method and comparative analysis method is applied in the thesis.This thesis probes the process of national sovereignty evolving from the ancient times to the modern times from the historical dimension.This thesis inspects the process of national sovereignty evolving with the history development,making its content more and more affluent.The conclusion of this thesis is the core connotation of national sovereignty is the highset power in the domestic range and independent power in the overseas area.This connotation didn't change.Respecting the cyber sovereignty is the important principle to structure the order of global cyber governance system.The innovation point of this thesis is to demonstrate internal logic of cyber sovereignty.First,cyber sovereignty is rooted in the modern legal.Second,the inevitable requirement of cyber sovereignty is to oppose cyber hegemonism.At last,cyber sovereignty is the footstone to safeguard the order of global cybe space.From the view of the general content,firstly,it presents the venation of national sovereignty conceptive evolution and introduces the national sovereignty conception in the pre-Qin period and western ancient times.This thesis clarifies the different historical development stage from crowned head sovereignty to parliamentary sovereignty and people's sovereignty.It demonstrates that national sovereignty is a changing concept of historical category with the development of history.The process of history and development of social productivity make the national sovereignty conception more plentiful.Secondly,explain the development of modern concept of sovereignty.It mainly introduces ideological trend that deny national sovereignty and development of national sovereignty theory in the 20 th century.The key point is to elaborate the influence the practice of sovereignty transfer among members of the European Union and information age.Thirdly,cyberspace sovereignty is a new form of national sovereignty.This thesis elaborates it from three parts.Cyberspace is a territory for national sovereignty.The international community has not reached a consensus on cyberspace sovereignty.The reason that cyberspace sovereignty was presented.The connotation and extension of cyberspace sovereignty.Finally,this thesis discuss the inheritance and development of cyberspace sovereignty toward national sovereignty.The core connotation of cyberspace sovereignty is the internal highest authority and external independence.Based on expanding the national sovereignty connotation,cyberspace sovereignty surpass the absoluteness of national sovereignty.In conclusion,national sovereignty is a concept of historical category.Its content is continually evolving.The concept of sovereignty is derived from internal highest authority.With the development of history,its connotation is immitted into new content.National sovereignty connotation is becoming more affluent in the information age.As the extension of the national sovereignty in the cyberspace,sovereign state own the right of jurisdiction,right of independence,right of self-defense and right of equality.In the process of promoting global cyberspace governance,it is essential to respect the cyberspace sovereignty principle and build a community of shared future in cyberspace.
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