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The Influence Of Trump's New Vision For The Asia-pacific And China's Diplomatic Options

Posted on:2019-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545962094Subject:International politics
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China and the United States are the two largest economies in the world.Both China and the United States are facing each other and making joint efforts to achieve win-win situation is the common hope of the world.Both sides have a solid foundation for cooperation and broad space for development.They also have an indelible influence on maintaining world peace and promoting global stability.After Trump took office as U.S.president,there will be a series of changes in U.S.foreign policy and tactics,which will inevitably have a profound impact on the situation in the Asia Pacific region and the world situation.Under the backdrop of global changes,Sino-U.S.bilateral relations have both opportunities and challenges.At this stage,Sino-US relations between China and the United States cannot be opened up again.Instead,development is based on the framework that has already been reached.In the process,some differences and disputes are inevitable.We should strive to make "mutual adjustment" and "mutual benefit and mutual benefit" become the basic mode of interaction between the two countries.We must use bilateral economic and trade relations as the starting point,develop pragmatic partnerships,and seek to improve the quality of Sino-U.S.relations and better reflect " The principle of "non-conflict,non-confrontation,mutual respect,mutual benefit,and win-win results" will promote the continuous improvement of the " big country relations."In the near future,the situation in the Asia-Pacific region is complex and changing.With the changes in the "Asia-Pacific Strategy"of the United States and the continuous adjustment of the foreign policy of member countries,the uncertainty in the development of the situation in the Asia-Pacific region has become more pronounced.After Trump came to power,the Sino-U.S.economic and trade relations,the deployment of military forces,and the attitude of the Allied countries in the Asia-Pacific region will affect the future development of the Asia-Pacific.Changes in Sino-U.S.diplomatic relations,the Diaoyu Islands dispute,and the South China Sea issue will affect the situation in the Asia-Pacific region.,it is bound to have a long-term impact on the global political,economic and diplomatic landscape.This thesis consists of four chapters and conclusions.The first chapter is the introduction,which mainly explains the purpose,significance and main research methods of this paper.The second chapter mainly introduces the corresponding adjustment of the asia-pacific strategy before and after the trump administration.The third chapter elaborates the current situation of sino-us relations,including economy,trade,military,Taiwan,etc.The fourth chapter mainly to the United States in the asia-pacific strategic adjustment and the development of China-US relations in the future in-depth analysis and anticipation,of several possibilities,provide theoretical basis for the future development of China-US relations.Finally,the conclusion is summarized in this paper,and a systematic review and evaluation summary is made.As one of the most important bilateral relations in the world,China and the United States are both winners and losers,and both opportunities and challenges coexist.while fighting is always hurt,The damage will inevitably be the common interests of the two countries and their peoples."Trump in asia-pacific strategic adjustment and the evolution of sino-american relations" the research of this topic,in know trump stage background,on the basis of analyzing the trump the asia-pacific strategic adjustment and the trend of the development of China-US relations,seize the strategic opportunity to China,make strategy to deal with,play the CARDS in his hand,take the initiative to shape the future policy toward China,trump so as to promote the healthy and stable China-US relations positive development.
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