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Research On The Incentive Mechanism Of Grass-roots Civil Servants In National Tax Departments

Posted on:2019-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545962119Subject:Public Management
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Perfecting the incentive mechanism for civil servants is an inevitable trend to improve the personal qualities of civil servants and to enhance the administrative efficiency of the government.Continuously scientizing and systematizing the incentive mechanism of civil servants can play a significant role in promoting the work enthusiasm and initiative of civil servants,and can also significantly promote the administrative efficiency of relevant government departments in China.With the gradual progress of the management of civil servants on a regular,legal,and scientific track,the issue of the incentive mechanism of civil servants has become increasingly prominent.The civil servants at the grassroots national taxation departments are the direct executors of the state's tax administration power.The effectiveness of their work directly affects whether the state's tax policy can be successfully implemented at the grassroots level,and more importantly,the country's economic development and social stability.In recent years,the civil servants of the grass-roots taxation departments have continuously exposed issues such as being in the status quo and not making progress.The reason is that imperfect and unreasonable incentive mechanisms have led to a gradual decline in the initiative and sense of responsibility of the civil servants at the grassroots The phenomenon of absenteeism.Therefore,it is of great significance to constantly improve the incentive mechanism of civil servants in the grassroots national taxation departments.This article takes the Hunchun National Taxation Bureau as an example to discuss the incentive mechanism of the civil servants in the current grass-roots taxation department,adopts questionnaires and other methods to analyze the status quo of the incentive mechanism of the civil servants of the Hunchun National Tax Bureau,find out the existing problems,and propose solutions to the problems.Principles and countermeasures.The full text is mainly composed of five parts.The first part is an introduction,which focuses on the research objective and significance,domestic and foreign research reviews,research contents and methods,research ideas and innovation points.In the second part,the description and introduction of incentive concepts and incentive theories will be involved and applied in this paper.In the third part,we will focus on the institutional setup of the State Taxation Bureau of Hunchun and the basic situation of on-the-job personnel,and then introduce the existing incentive measures and measures of the State Taxation Bureau of Hunchun.Through questionnaires and other work,we investigated the satisfaction of the civil servants in the State Tax Bureau of Hunchun City,and analyzed the problems and causes of the current incentive steps.In the fourth part,in accordance with the work features and the actual situation of the civil servants of the State Tax Bureau of Hunchun City,we will sum up the principles and countermeasures for improving the civil servants'motivating work in the Hunchun National Tax Bureau.In the fifth part,the research results of this paper and the contents that need to be emphasized are hoped to receive more attention and reflection from the community.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grass-roots taxation department, Civil servant, Incentive mechanism
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