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The Implementation Of The Social Security System In Ulan Hot City Has Problems And Countermeasures

Posted on:2019-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the attention paid to the issue of "three farmers" in recent years,the issue of migrant workers has aroused great concern in the society.The social security of migrant workers has always been the focus of the country and scholars.Party much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning,points out that to insist on the universal coverage,ensure the efficient operation,clear responsibilities and moderately,improve the level of social security as a whole and steadily,and establish a fairer and more sustainable social security system.For the migrant workers,the social security policy is necessary for their working properly and living healthily.It is also necessary for China to guarantee workers' rights and interests and guarantee the welfare of social welfare.At present,to study the status of implementation of migrant workers social security policy,and find the existing problems and reasons,and puts forward some feasible countermeasures and Suggestions to protect migrant workers' legitimate rights and interests of and safeguard social stability development has important significance.Background in this paper,based on the economic development of our country and the problems of rural migrant workers,the study of the execution of the ulanhot migrant workers social security system,this study is based on the perspective of the implementation of the social security system,the methods of literature study,case study,using the theory of policy implementation,and the theory of Maslow's hierarchy of needs,the study of the execution of the ulanhot migrant workers social security system,find the existing problem is mainly migrant workers social insurance rate is low,low treatment of migrant workers social security,rural migrant workers surrender rate is high,flexibility,weak social security system,single supply.Investigate its reason,mainly ulanhot imperfect social security system,the government has failed to provide the full support and social,as well as the workers themselves lack of sufficient quality and consciousness of these three aspects.For the cause of the three aspects,this paper puts forward the countermeasures of ulan hot social security system of execution problems,think we should further perfect the social security system construction,strengthen the government and social support for the social security system,at the same time should also improve the quality of the workers themselves and consciousness.
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