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Research On Administrative Accountability Procedure In China

Posted on:2019-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The "SARS" incident in 2003 promoted administrative accountability to the historical stage.After the incident,the central government and local governments successively issued a series of legal norms on administrative accountability,which has achieved good results in practice.However,there still exists with many problems in the administrative accountability itself,especially restricted by the traditional thought of "emphasizing the entity and neglecting the procedure",and there forms no standard administrative accountability procedure.This article mainly uses the literature research method,the standard analysis method and the case analysis method to establish and perfect the administrative accountability procedure to carry on the analysis research.Besides,it defines the concepts of administrative accountability and administrative accountability procedures,expounds the elements of administrative accountability procedures and the important significance to lay a solid theoretical foundation of the full text.Then,through the analysis of relevant legislation and typical cases,the paper summarizes the current situation and existing problems of administrative accountability procedure in China,and puts forward some specific suggestions on the existing problems.On the one hand,it discusses the necessity of perfecting the relevant laws of the administrative accountability procedure,on the other hand,it discusses the concrete measures to establish and perfect the administrative accountability procedure in details,conduct deep analysis and discussion on the preparatory link,the starting link,the handling link,the implementation link and the relief link of the administrative accountability procedure.Administrative accountability procedure can not only ensure the fairness of administrative accountability,but also make the legitimate interests of relevant accountability personnel to be effectively protected.Further,the perfect administrative accountability procedures ensure that the value of administrative accountability can be truly reflected.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative accountability, procedures, problems and countermeasures
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