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Resilience Research Of Anti-drug Social Workers Coping With Occupational Stress-

Posted on:2020-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330572459487Subject:Social work
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The acceleration of the modernization process not only provides a historic opportunity for the social work profession and industry development,but also puts higher demands on social workers.In the period of social transformation,social workers face occupational dilemmas such as low customer satisfaction,low value conflicts,low professional identity,and lack of professional support in the process of job input and service provision.They suffer from multiple occupational pressures and often experience alternative trauma and burnout.The occupational pressures of anti-drug social workers facing the risks of easy relapse,long service cycles and serious social stigma are even more severe.Through practice and observation,many anti-drug social workers can adapt well to professional pressures compared with social workers in other fields.This phenomenon has caused the author's research interest about the resistance of the anti-drug social workers to occupational stress.This study used qualitative research methods to conduct in-depth interviews with 10 anti-drug social workers in Shanghai Z institutions.Under the concept of social construction,with the Kumper anti-reaction interaction model,the risk factors and protection factors in the"individual-environment"interaction situation are sorted out.Through the analysis of the occupational stress response process of anti-drug social workers,the anti-reverse structure of anti-drug social workers interacting with the service target group,organizational environment and institutional environment is summarized.The study found that the anti-reverse work of occupational stress response of anti-drug social workers is based on the premise of the interaction between anti-drug social workers and service target groups,organizational environment and institutional environment under the framework of government procurement service system.Anti-drug social workers are in the environment.In the process of launching community drug rehabilitation(rehabilitation)services,the risk factors and protection factors in the individual and the environment compete with each other to promote the professional pressure of anti-drug social workers;in the process of anti-drug social workers coping with occupational stress,individuals and the environment The internal and external risk factors and protection factors in the system interact organically under the framework of "individual-environment" interaction,presenting the development-oriented dynamic balance of stress resistance.The author puts forward relevant suggestions from individuals,relevant departments and social environment to alleviate the pressure brought by risk factors,promote the improvement of anti-reversal power of anti-drug social workers,and ensure the organic interaction of various systems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Anti-drug social workers, Resilience, Risk factors, Protective factors, Coping with occupational stress
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