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A Study On The Governance Of Public-Related Economic Crime

Posted on:2020-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China is in a deep water period of economic transformation.The complicated and changeable economic environment provides space for the breeding and rapid spread of economic crime among the stakeholders.Under the key crackdown of L city public security department in Gansu Province,the illegal absorption of public deposits,fraud,illegal business and other related economic crimes are still frequent,which has a serious impact on the local economic development and social order.Therefore,effective prevention and punishment of the related economic crime is a prominent problem faced by the rulers at present.On the basis of previous scholarsundefined theoretical research,this paper conducts empirical research on the governance of related economic crimes through the investigation of relevant cases in L City,Gansu Province.The first part defines the definition and scope of the related economic crime,and summarizes the characteristics of the related economic crime in combination with the judicial practice in L city,which lays a foundation for the exploration of the governance measures in accordance with the actual situation.The second part mainly discusses the cases and sentencing of related economic crimes in L city of Gansu Province.Based on the analysis of 40 cases in L city of Gansu Province,this paper summarizes the outstanding problems exposed in the case and sentencing situation,such as the escalation of crime forms and means,the higher proportion of fine and probation,and so on.This part of the analysis helps to accurately grasp the attack direction of the economic crime involved.The third part mainly discusses the causes and management difficulties of public-related economic crime.Based on the second part of the empirical study,the individual and state organs and other aspects of crime reasons and difficulties are analyzed.It is manifested in the lack of individual consciousness of prevention,the strong psychology of criminals in pursuing profits,the imperfection of financial legislation and industry supervision,the investigation mode,the system of recovery of stolen goods,the imperfect rescue of victims,and so on.The fourth part puts forward some measures to reconstruct and punish the relevant economic crimes in view of the above problems.In terms of individuals and enterprises,we should strengthen the education and alertness of investors and regulate the legitimate operation of enterprises.From the point of view of state organs,we should perfect financial legislation,strengthen administrative supervision responsibility,establish information sharing platform,innovate early warning mode,optimize disposal work and properly resolve contradictions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public-related financial crimes, Causes, Prevention, Punishment
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