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How Citizen Participation Affects Public Service Satisfaction

Posted on:2020-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Citizen participation is the proper meaning of building a service-oriented government.Since the western public administration theory was put forward,the status and scope of citizen participation has been gradually improved and expanded,and citizen participation has become an important reference for the government to improve the level of service.Nowadays,with the awakening of people's awareness of rights,citizens' demands for the government are increasing.It is necessary for the government to improve its own management level continuously so as to meet the growing public service needs of the people.Since the Reform and Opening-up,the exploration of the government's response to the efficiency of citizen participation has not stopped,and has achieved certain results in practice.With the advent of the information age,the spontaneous participation of citizens such as Weibo and Citizen Hotline gradually replaces the government-led participation such as letters,visits,surveys and so on,and occupies the dominant position.Moreover,the expectation of the political participants for the effectiveness of government response is far higher than that of the government response under the traditional government management mode.Although the channels of citizen participation are more diversified and diversified,the ability and mechanism of government response can not meet the rapid expansion of citizen participation.In the process of citizen participation,there are a series of problems,such as the government response is not timely or even not response.Therefore,in order to meet the growing demand for citizen participation,the only way to improve citizens' satisfaction with the government is to establish a timely,active and effective government response.In view of this,the author uses the statistical analysis method to construct the intermediary effect model,chooses citizen participation and its path,government response satisfaction and public service satisfaction as the research object,and explores the relationship between them by Step by step analysis.The purpose is to provide a new path choice for improving the actual effect of citizen participation in China from the perspective of government response,and furthermore,it provides new ideas for the improvement of our government's management and governance level.Based on the project data of Shandong University's urban public service database(the survey data of public service satisfaction of 17 cities in Shandong Province),this paper uses public management,public administration and other related knowledge,and uses empirical analysis to study how Chinese citizen participation affects public service satisfaction.Firstly,through reading domestic and foreign literatures,it sorts out and comments on the relevant theories of citizen participation and public service satisfaction and their relationship.Secondly,through the definition of the core concept and the theoretical basis,it provides theoretical support for further research.Thirdly,based on the mediation effect model,the assumption of the relationship between the three is proposed.Fourthly,the independent variable,dependent variable,intermediate variable and control variable are determined,and the method of model checking is established.Fifthly,the data are imported into the software for processing,and the results of data processing are obtained through descriptive analysis and regression analysis.Finally,according to the results of data processing,this paper draws conclusions and puts forward corresponding policy recommendations to provide theoretical support and help for promoting the response effect of citizen participation and improving the level of citizen satisfaction.The main conclusions are as follows:1.Citizen participation has a negative impact on both government response and public service satisfaction.Government response has a complete mediating effect between citizen participation and public service satisfaction.2.Government-led participation can improve government response satisfaction and public service satisfaction to a certain extent,but the effect is not significant.3.Citizen spontaneous participation has a negative impact on both government response satisfaction and public service satisfaction.There is a mediating effect between citizen spontaneous participation and public service satisfaction.
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