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Study On The Integrated Tourism Development Of Shilin Nuohei From The Perspective Of Industrial Integration

Posted on:2020-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330575986002Subject:Tourism Management
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In 2009,Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Tourism Industry clearly pointed out that the integration of tourism with culture?sports?agriculture and other industries should be vigorously promoted.Since then,vigorously promoting the integration of tourism industry has become an important measure for the development of China's tourism industry,and it is also an important direction for the transformation and upgrading of China's tourism industry.In 2017,the strategy of rural vitalization emphasizes the integration of rural industries,with leisure agriculture and rural tourism as the key development directions.Ethnic tourism villages not only have the basic conditions for the development of rural tourism,but also their unique national cultural customs are the cultural connotations that cannot be replaced by tourism products.At present,based on the perspective of industrial integration,there are few studies on the issue of their integrated development for the agriculture,ethnic culture and tourism of ethnic tourism villages.It is of great significance to supplement the relevant theoretical research in this field and to the integrated development of industries in ethnic villages.Nuohei Village,Shilin,Yunnan,as a typical Yi village,has ranked China ecological village,the second batch of Chinese minority ethnic village,the national ecological village,included in the list of the second batch of Chinese traditional villages,but its tourism development is also faced with the transformation and upgrading.Agriculture as the main economic industry,tourism development and accumulated a certain basis of village,exploring how to promote the transformation and upgrading of tourism industry through the integration of industries,enhance the agricultural industry value chain,and activate the national culture,the industries complement each other and share symbiosis,which has certain research value.Firstly,this paper sorts out the relevant research progress at home and abroad,reviews the concepts of ethnic village tourism and industrial integration,and conducts basic theoretical research combining the theory of industrial chain and industrial integration.Secondly,basic analysis is made on the integrated development of ethnic village tourism,which mainly summarizes the characteristics of ethnic village tourism,including the natural and human environment characteristics and the characteristics of ethnic village tourism resources,and analyzes the causes of the integrated development of tourism.Thirdly,based on the analysis of tourism development conditions and tourism resource characteristics of the case,it is found that the agricultural industry chain of Nuohei village has a good foundation,the tourism industry has entered the development stage,the national cultural industry has typical local and national characteristics,and the integrated development has certain feasibility.At the same time,the grey correlation degree is used to measure the correlation degree between various industries in waxy black,and the industrial integration status is analyzed.The integration of agriculture-tourism industry chain is not enough,and the degree of villagers' participation in tourism is low,and integration of the development of brand awareness is not strong,marketing effect is not good.Finally,it is proposed that the construction of integrated tourism development mechanism of Nuohei village should follow community participation and promote community construction.Residents as the main body,benefit sharing;Integration of the concept of the forerunner,the principle of technical support industry development.Then construct the integration of agriculture and tourism,enhance the value of industry chain and protect the ecology;Cultural and tourism interaction,set up a distinct tourism image;National culture and agriculture co-exist to realize the development and activation inheritance of waxy black culture.Tourism integration development mechanism with government guidance,community subject and company participation as the way of community participation.And through resource integration,culture integration,function integration,product integration,brand integration,market integration,capital,technology and talent interaction integration,the tourism integration of Nuohei village is finally realized.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ethnic village tourism, Industrial convergence, Agriculture, The tourism industry, National culture industry
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