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A Study On The Refinement And Standardization Of The Election Of Village Committee In The New Period

Posted on:2020-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330578452686Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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The party's 19 major reports state that it is necessary to "expand the orderly political participation of the people and ensure that the people implement democratic elections,democratic consultation,democratic decision-making,democratic management and democratic supervision in accordance with the law."It is the most extensive and profound practice of socialist democracy to carry out the general election of village committee and realize villager autonomy effectively,and it is the basic project of developing socialist Democratic politics in our country.Villagers'committee is the basic mass autonomous organization of our country,and the mass vote to elect the members of the villagers'committee and elect the family themselves is the foundation link to ensure the mass autonomy,and also the important way for the masses to exercise their democratic rights directly and participate in the democratic management.Based on the actual situation of Y,J and D three counties in Hubei province,this paper takes the Hubei provincial civil affairs department to carry out the general election of the village(residential)People's Committee as an opportunity to observe the general election of village committees in different regions of our province,mainly through the way of observation points in the village.At the same time,the key points such as the election of villagers'election committee,the nomination of candidates and the holding of villagers ' Congress vote are observed,with emphasis on the refinement and standardization of the general election of the village committee.It is found that under the background of the new era,the general election work of village committees has been promoted smoothly,the county,town and village levels have paid more attention to the election work,county and town leaders and village cadres have played a great role in promoting,and the refinement and procedure of the election process have also enhanced the villagers*democratic consciousness.In addition,good results have been achieved in the election mode,election procedure,employment mechanism and working mechanism innovation and optimization of village committees.It is worth noting that there are still some differences among different regions on the basis of following the Organic Law,which affects the unification and norms of the new term.It is embodied in some practical problems,such as inadequate control of some details,difficulty in commissioning agent investment practice and its follow-up work,lack of knowledge and skills of villagers in elections,increasing the difficulty and cost of elections.Therefore,in order to further promote the standardization and refinement of the general election of village committees under the background of the new era,we should base the laws and regulations to improve the level of legalization,optimize the direct election model and electoral efficiency,improve the efficiency of the change work,adhere to the party's leadership on the basis of high-promotion,multi-linkage mechanism,strengthen,So as to promote the continuous and in-depth development of village committee conversion,and lay a foundation for the effective implementation of rural revitalization strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Village Committee change, Villager autonomy, Democratic election, Election procedure
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