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Study On The Decentralization Of Local Government Power Under The Background Of “Decentralization, Administration And Service”

Posted on:2020-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the progress of the reform of“decentralization and administration and service”,the state,provincial and municipal governments at all levels are vigorously promoting the decentralization of power to the next level.Decentralization is an important part of the reform of “c&f”,but in the context of“c&f” reform,how to ensure that the delegated powers are smoothly taken over by local governments,so as to avoid a“vacuum”in management and achieve the goal of service optimization is the top priority of the current reform.The 19 th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC)explicitly stated that it is necessary to further“deepen the streamlining of administration and delegating power,innovate the way of supervision,enhance the credibility and enforcement of the government,and build a service-oriented government satisfying the people”.Therefore,in the process of promoting the reform of“delegated management and service” it is necessary to clarify and standardize the administrative powers undertaken by local governments,so as to promote their full and effective implementation of the administrative powers undertaken.It is against this background that guangdong provincial party committee and provincial government make a bold attempt to take the lead in promoting the reform of strengthening the city and decentralizing power,hoping to provide institutional support for regional development and inject new impetus into local development through the reform of decentralizing government powers.Judging from the current situation of China's reality and academic research,the theoretical research on the decentralization of power is still in the initial stage and has not yet formed a comprehensive and integrated theoretical system,which is difficult to provide strong theoretical support and practice reference for local governments to effectively carry out the decentralization of power.Therefore,this article attempts to strong city in guangdong province to delegate as a case,the integrated use of literature analysis and semi-structured interview method and empirical analysis,comprehensive carding the governance reform of our government policy,review the history and current situation of the reform of the administrative examination and approval system of guangdong province,the paper to guangzhou,shenzhen,guangdong province,decentralized administration authority at the provincial level main methods and results,from the problems in the reform of learning the advanced experience of foreign governance reform or the governance configuration,on thebasis of analyzing the influence factors of the government reform of the governance configuration between,explore the local government and accords with the practice of regional powers devolved principle,In the end,the paper concludes that Suggestions on the decentralization reform of local governments should be put forward from the aspects of strengthening the systematicness of the reform,improving the evaluation mechanism of the reform,promoting inter-departmental coordination with the help of the“Internet +”platform,and promoting the innovation of the way of in-process and post-event supervision.It is hoped that this study can fill the gap in the research on the decentralization reform of Chinese government,and provide some decision-making references and practices for local governments to carry out the decentralization reform.
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