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Research On Power And Responsibility Relations Between District And Sub-district Government After "Streamlining Government And Delegating Authorities" Policy

Posted on:2021-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330602971799Subject:Administrative management
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In 2013,China officially implemented a new round of reform to "streamlining administration and delegating power".For the social level,the purpose is to further separate the government from enterprises and social organizations,simplify the procedures of administrative examination and approval,enhance the strength of social organizations,and greatly revitalize the market.For the government itself,the purpose is to improve administrative efficiency,enhance the vitality and enthusiasm of local governments,and transform government functions to a service-oriented government.Provincial and municipal governments have devolved a large amount of power to lower-level governments.In the process,as the last level of China's administration,the issue of decentralization between Sub-districts and districts(counties)has become the focus.The subject of vertical power-responsibility relations between governments at home and abroad has been studied more extensively,and there have been six government decentralization reforms in history.Based on the existing literature research,the author takes the power-responsibility relationship as the starting point,studies the reform of streamlining administration and delegating power,and evaluates it.In terms of vertical intergovernmental relations,compared with previous reforms of delegate power,the streamlining administration and delegating power in 2013 was characterized by the cancellation and decentralization of administrative examination and approval powers,and accompanied by the decentralization of other types of powers,requiring governments at all levels to establish lists of powers and clarify the boundaries of powers and responsibilities.However,the author found that since the implementation of the reform of streamlining administration and delegating power,the improvement of the administrative enthusiasm of local governments,especially the most grass-roots Sub-district offices,and the effect of administrative governance were not as obvious as expected,and even the enthusiasm dropped in some Districts.In order to clarify the relationship between rights and responsibilities of district Sub-districts and the status of Sub-district administration before and after the reform of streamlining administration and delegating power in 2013,and find out the problems existing in this reform and put forward some suggestions for the implementation of the reform,the author decided to start an investigation and research.Based on the literature research and field research as the main method,the author selected worked J city S District B Sub-district and its superior district governments as the research object,from the perspective of administrative power,financial power and personnel power,This paper analyzes the administrative operation status of local governments(Sub-districts)before the decentralization reform in 2013,the power distribution relationship with the superior government,and the power and responsibility relationship between the district and Sub-district governments after the decentralization,as well as the Sub-district administrative operation status and the measures to be taken against the decentralization reform.After investigation,it was found that local governments(Sub-districts)faced the following problems in this round of streamlining administration and delegating power: Firstly,decentralization of administrative power to a certain degree,but incomplete and selective decentralization,decentralization with more responsibilities,less decentralization with large powers,resulting in unequal powers and responsibilities;secondly,the corresponding supporting resources such as people,finance and materials are not provided,and the financial and personnel power are still tightened,resulting in the devolved power of the local government " unconnected ";thirdly,the examination and supervision is more strict and frequent,the process and results are controlled at the same time,the pressure on the Sub-districts is too high.And local governments(Sub-districts)in response to the problems caused by the reform of decentralization and take the self-stressing,avoiding responsibilities“less action” and seeking “flexibility” in assessment,showing that local governments(Sub-districts)are in compliance,game,and the dynamic state of coping with the high pressure in the workaround.This is the negative effect of streamlining administration and delegating power,which affects the realization of the expected goal of the reform of streamlining administration and delegating power in 2013.In order to reduce the negative effect of streamlining administration and delegating power,and to create a social governance pattern of co-construction,co-governance and sharing,the author,after combing and considering field research data and consulting references,proposes a path to improve the balance between the relations between superior and subordinate governments(district andSub-district relations)after streamlining administration and delegating power: First,we need to formulate a scientific reform model for streamlining administration and delegating power;the second is to pay attention to the power inheritance and pay attention to the rhythm and supporting of decentralization;Third,we should strengthen supervision and establish an accountability mechanism for the departments that delegate power;fourth,to shape the responsibility of the government,and improve the governance capacity of the government.
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