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Under The Guidance Of Historical Materialism Study On Marx's Thought Of Justice

Posted on:2020-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330578481435Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Justice is the important connotation of the new age of theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics,the current China is in a critical period of reform and development.It is an important mission of the Chinese communists that how to pursue happiness for Chinese people,how to realize people's right to self-determination,leading the people to realize the desire for a good life.It is also the struggling target that the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.Whether it is to perfect the social rule of law or to realize political democratization,we need to deeply understand Marx's thought of justice.Marx's thought of justice came into being with the formation of Marxist theory,which severely criticized the capitalist social class for their free possession of workers' labor and exploitation of the proletariat.Marx's understanding of the concept of justice,as well as the formation of Marx's thought of justice,has important theoretical and practical significance for the great cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.This paper consists of five parts.The first part is the introduction,mainly explaining the background,purpose and significance of the topic,domestic and foreign research review,innovation and research methods.Second part combed the Marx's theory of justice from sprout to the development of mature and experienced four periods: the period of doctoral thesis justice germ of an idea,"lane signs up for" justice thoughts during the period of the development of "criticism on Hegel's legal philosophy" to "economic and philosophical manuscripts of 1844" period of reflection and criticism of justice thought,as well as criticizing Proudhon,Lasalle,Durin's justice period of mature Marx's justice thought.Marx finally put forward the proletarian justice thought with the goal of realizing the comprehensive and free development of man by using historical materialism.The third part mainly discusses the contemporary western scholars to the arguments of Marx's justice thought,based on "Tucker-Wood proposition" the most representative,the discussion of the author and the standard of justice,distributive justice,the relationship between wage argument made by combing,further enrich the connotation of Marx's thought of justice,and presents the research justice question today for us to train of thought and method.The fourth part of this paper analyzes Marx's thought of justice from the standpoint of historical materialism,and further explores the connotation of Marx's thought of justice through Marx's view of practice,Marx's understanding of "society" and Marx's theory of human nature.The fifth part mainly introduces the theoretical guiding significance of Marx's thought of justice to China's socialist construction and points out the realistic path to achieve social justice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx, Justice, Historical materialism, Social equity, The superstructure
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