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An Analysis Of The Applicability Of Deliberative Democracy In Post-Developing Countries

Posted on:2019-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330596952263Subject:Chinese and foreign political system
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The applicability and validity of electoral democracy has always been a hot issue in academic circles.The difference between deliberative democracy and voting-centered democracy is mainly embodied in 4 aspects,such as the forming process of democratic will,the difference of voting mechanism,the different understanding of preference and the different standards of decision making.In this paper,deliberative democracy does not deny the elite democracy and the representative democracy,and it is a complementary relationship with these forms of democracy,not a substitute for each other.In recent years,electoral democracy has not only encountered difficulties in the western countries,but also caused serious discomfort in the post-development countries and even led to the disruption of national development.The reason is that during the long-term development,Western countries formed a relatively developed economy and a relatively stable social system,and after several hundred years of development,they have now formed the model of electoral democracy.The perfect mechanism of democratic operation in western countries can control the competitive disadvantages of electoral democracy to a certain extent.On the contrary,the post-development countries in the era of violent social changes and the outbreak of contradictions can easily induce conflicts and confrontations among ethnic groups such as races,religions and ethnic groups,leading to social polarization and social unrest.In post-development countries,the development of a radical and competitive model of electoral democracy is prone to plunging into a vicious circle of authoritarianism and democracy,intensifying social divisions and destabilizing military intervention under the condition of national identity and the reshaping ofauthority.Compared with the highly competitive electoral democracy,the deliberative democracy with inclusive and consultative mechanism plays an important role in promoting the legitimacy of government decision-making,the stability of political order,the political participation of citizens and the improvement of the quality of government decision-making.Practicing deliberative democracy in post-development countries can not only guarantee the political participation of citizens,but also ensure the orderly conduct of political participation.As a strategic choice for the development of democracy in contemporary China,deliberative democracy broadens the channels for citizens to participate in politics in an orderly manner,maximizes the interest demands of all social groups and democratizes and scientifically formulates public policies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Deliberative Democracy, Electoral Democracy, Democratic Technology, Political Participation
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