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Zhou Enlai's Important Discourse On Sino-japanese Relations(1917-1975)

Posted on:2019-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330599950164Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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The relationship between China and Japan is one of the most important foreign relations and one of the most complex and sensitive bilateral relations in modern times.After graduating from Nan kai Middle School,Zhou En-lai chose to go to Japan to study in order to seek the way to strengthen the country and save the people.After taking part in the revolution,especially in the War of Resistance Against Japan,Zhou En-lai advocated resolute resistance against Japan and the establishment of an anti-Japanese national United front.Finally,Japanese imperialism was defeated.After the foundation of PRC,as the leader of the Communist Party of China in charge of national diplomacy,Zhou En-lai has been committed to restoring normal relations with Japan,and finally promoted the normalization of Sino-Japan relations.Zhou En-lai's views on Sino-Japan relations are of a epochal nature,and with the constant changes of Sino-Japan relations,his understanding of Japan is also developing.Therefore,Zhou En-lai's understanding of Japan shows obvious stage characteristics.The factors that influence Zhou En-lai's change of his view on Japan include the change of his identity in different periods.Before the foundation of the Communist Party of China,Zhou En-lai's view on Japan represented a progressive young student's understanding of Japan;the stage from the founding of the Party to the September 18 th incident,it represented a Communist Party member's understanding of Japan.During the War of Resistance against Japan,it represented the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese nation's understanding of Japan;after the foundation of PRC,it represented the Chinese government's understanding of Japan.At the same time,Zhou En-lai's understanding of Japan also has the characteristics of inheritance,the firm belief in the value of the people,the protection of the national interests,the vigilance against Japanese imperialism,and so on.These values are deeply rooted in Zhou En-lai's understanding of Japan from beginning to end,which constitutes an important content of Zhou En-lai's view on Japan.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Communist Party of China, Zhou En-lai, Sino-Japane relations, the war of resistance against Japan, San Francisco peace conference, Kakuei Tanaka
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