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Problems And Improvement Strategies Of The Mass Satisfaction Evaluation In The Assessment Of County Party Secretary In H Province

Posted on:2021-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330620461809Subject:Public administration
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The performance evaluation of civil servants is an important system to guide domestic civil servants to establish correct orientation and do their duty well.In recent years,China has begun to actively explore ways and means for the people to participate in the assessment of civil servants,especially the rise of various public opinion surveys,which are increasingly recognized and valued by experts and scholars.However,at this stage,the practice and theoretical guidance of the masses participating in the performance evaluation of government officials are insufficient,and further theoretical research and practical exploration are needed.County-level party committees are a very important part of China's power operation system.They have management authority and leadership responsibility for social governance in the region.There are more than 150 counties in H province.As the "team leader" of the county party committee,the county party committee secretary plays an important role in promoting high-quality local development and serving the people's livelihood.Therefore,it is very important to improve the assessment of the county party committee secretary.The people in the county are the object of the county party committee secretary's public service.They have the most direct experience and the most subjective feelings about the work of the county party committee secretary.Therefore,the people are most qualified to evaluate the work ability of the county party committee secretary.In the process of improving the evaluation of the county party committee secretary,H province made the Mass Satisfaction Evaluation as a new assessment content,which has a typical significance and achieved positive results.This thesis conducts research through the use of research methods such as comparative analysis method,literature research method,case analysis method,and experience summary method.Through the analysis of the evaluator,implementation method,specific index and the application of results of the current method of the Mass satisfaction evaluation in the evaluation of the county party committee secretary in H Province,it is concluded that due to the insufficient attention of the assessment department,the inadequate assessment system,the low degree of government information disclosure,and insufficient motivation and capacityfor mass participation,etc,there are problems such as assessments are not sustainable,Single source of assessment data,lack of public participation,insufficient incentive of assessment results in the mass satisfaction evaluation in the evaluation of the county party committee secretary of H Province.This paper is based on analyzing the practice of conducting public opinion surveys in the assessment of civil servants at home and abroad and summing up their advanced experience,combined with the actual situation in H province,In terms of establishing a system,improving technology and the use of assessment results,puts forward suggestions such as improve the legal system,promote information disclosure,optimize assessment methods,open channels for participation,expand the scope of evaluator,and improve the motivation and ability of people to participate in assessments to improve the satisfaction assessment of the county party secretary,while enriching related theoretical research,help H province to establish a service-oriented social governance system,modernize social governance capabilities,scientificize public management,and broaden the channels for people to participate in the performance appraisal of civil servants,especially those in leadership positions,so as to improve public satisfaction assessment.
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