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Study On The Performance Evaluation Of The First Secretary Of The Village In J County,Shandong Province

Posted on:2020-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596974556Subject:Public administration
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In the past 40 years of reform and opening up,China's economy has developed rapidly,and people's living standards have been significantly improved.However,we have to seriously examine that China's current development is still uneven and inadequate,and the gap between urban and rural development is still relatively high.Large,so it is imperative to develop rural areas and build rural areas.The group of the first secretary of the village was re-emphasized.The first secretary of the village is shouldering the heavy responsibility of strengthening the construction of rural grassroots party organizations,transforming rural development methods,getting rid of poverty and getting rich,and improving the environment.Compared with the first secretary of the central,provincial,and municipal elections,the first secretary of the county-level selection is the largest group of the team.How to ensure that the first secretary can pay for his work and establish a solid business during his stay in the village.The countryside is truly contributing,and the performance appraisal is crucial.In recent years,experts and scholars in China have studied the role and significance of the first secretary of the county in the village,and have less ink on the performance evaluation of the first secretary of the county.Therefore,it is of great significance to conduct research on the performance appraisal of the first secretary of the county.In view of this background,this paper first introduces the concept of performance appraisal of the first secretary of the county resident village,the first secretary of the county resident village,and the theoretical basis of performance management theory and goal management theory.Then,the first secretary of the village in J County of Shandong Province was taken as the research object,and the relevant theories of performance appraisal were fully utilized.Through the literature review method,individual interview method,scientific induction method,deductive reasoning method and other scientific research methods,In recent years,the county's J Countyhas carried out in-depth and meticulous analysis and research on the performance appraisal of the first secretary of the county.The first secretary of the county in Shandong Province is mainly composed of the first secretary of the J County and the staff from the township(street).In the performance appraisal content,there are mainly team construction,poverty alleviation and improvement of villagers' production.Five aspects of living conditions,rural civilization,and self-construction;performance appraisal methods are mainly based on interviews,field observations,listening reports,and organization evaluation;the results of performance appraisal are found to help all aspects of the help village.Very large,but little help for the development of the first secretary.After a comprehensive analysis of the performance appraisal of the first secretary of the village in the county of Shandong Province,a series of problems were found: the main body of the performance appraisal was single,and the township(street),the masses,and the third-party institutions participated less;the performance appraisal content was not Accurate,the content of assessment indicators is broad,the scores of assessment indicators are vague,and the indicators of “potential” are less involved;the performance assessment methods are not rigorous,the procedural flexibility is too high,the depth is not enough,and the scientific needs need to be further improved;performance appraisal The results are not in use,and the results use standard ambiguity,lack of relevant systems,assessment results and the relevance of the sending units are not large.In-depth analysis of these problems,found the deep-seated reasons behind it:insufficient guarantee work,including personnel strength,propaganda,time support;system design is not perfect,including the assessment system and the actual situation is not synchronized,the assessment system is difficult to balance science Sexuality and simplicity;ideological understanding is not in place,including the assessment team,townships,and the masses are not aware of the situation;the complex and diverse reality,including the practical limitations of sending units and cadres to promote posts.Finally,according to the problems and reasons found in the in-depth analysis,the corresponding improvement measures are proposed: the performance appraisal subject is diversified,and the township(street),the masses and the third party institutions are actively included in the appraisal subject;the performance appraisal content is standardized,including the index design.Fine,specific allocation of points,rich in potential;institutionalization of performance appraisal,including the annual assessment and daily assessment,comprehensive assessment and key assessment,internal assessment and external assessment,assessment of work security;performance assessment results can be operated The use of clear results,the use of content,the establishment of results use system,the implementation of feedback review mechanism.The thesis uses the theory of performance management to conduct in-depth researchand analysis on the performance appraisal of the first secretary of the village in J County,Shandong Province,and finds out the outstanding problems,analyzes its internal reasons,and puts forward the problems and causes.The corresponding countermeasures have played a role in inspiring the scholars to study the issue of the first secretary of the county in the village.
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