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Research On Dynamic Management Of Urban Subsistence Allowance

Posted on:2021-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P MuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330623965500Subject:Social security
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The minimum living security system was implemented by the Chinese government in 1997,and it is a social assistance system for the poor that maintains the most basic living expenses by providing financial assistance to citizens whose per capita income is below the minimum living standard set by the state.Dibao system has always played an important role in protecting people's living standards and promoting social equity.With the comprehensive progress of China's political economy,culture and other aspects,people's lives have also progressed.The identification and management of Dibao objects cannot maintain a single and constant standard.It is necessary to follow the social development to make dynamic changes to Dibao objects.Identification and management.The Dibao's dynamic management mechanism was established in order to dynamically adjust its guarantee status and guarantee funds according to the changes in Dibao's household income,improve the identification of Dibao's targets,and enhance the effectiveness of Dibao's funds.use.Based on the theory of social assistance career,welfare dependence theory,multidimensional poverty theory,and new public service theory,this paper studies the current Dibao dynamic management issues in Dandong Zhenxing District,conducts literature research,and interviews and issues the Dibao staff in the district.Questionnaire method to understand the current problems and dilemmas in dynamic management of Dibao.It is concluded that the current dynamic management of Dibao mainly has three main problems: the deviation of Dibao objects,inadequate capacity of the regulatory body,and difficulty in surrendering the insurance.Based on the theory and actual situation,the causes of the problem are analyzed.Finally,in order to solve the related problems in the dynamic management of the subsistence allowances in the Zhenxing District of Dandong City,seven sound suggestions including guiding positive public opinion and strengthening policy promotion were put forward and summarized.It is hoped that the research in this article can provide some theoretical basis and practical reference for the dynamic management of urban subsistence allowances in the revitalized area and even in the country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhenxing District,Dandong City, the Program of Minimum Security Line of Living for Urban Population, Dynamic management, Dibao objects, Dibao stuffs
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