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A Study On The Impact Of Negative Events On Police Trust And Restoration Strategies

Posted on:2020-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596468924Subject:Public security
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Police trust is the public's belief in the police which is consistent with its expectation.The key point is the public's one-way expectation of the police's ability,integrity and kindness.The improvement of the relationship of trust between police and people is an important way to enhance public security and build a community of social governance.Therefore,it is of great significance to study the influencing factors of police trust from the public perspective.First of all,based on the literature review,based on the stimulus-organism-response theory,attribution theory and construal level theory,the relationship between the affecting factors of the police trust the deduction in the timeline for logical order,to build up trust the police and police trust repair damaged two phase of the research model,and puts forward 10 related assumptions.Secondly,in the empirical test part,this paper conducted two predictive tests and four formal experiments,and conducted targeted tests on the hypothesis by using the methods of T test,analysis of variance and linear regression.Finally,according to the results of the test,the research conclusions and countermeasures were summarized to provide decision-making reference for police officers to predict the change of police trust and take targeted repair measures.Based on the analysis of the experimental research,this paper has the following findings:first,compared with the police violation of law,the police violation of morality will cause more intense public negative emotions and more serious damage to the trust of the police.Secondly,the public internal attribution and negative emotions negatively affect the damaged police trust.Third,the level of police trust in the three periods of"initial-damage-repair"is consistent.Fourth,in the group with high explanatory ability,the tendency of internal attribution negatively affects the impaired police trust.Among the group with low interpretation level,the violation of morality by police is more serious than the violation of law.Fifth,compared with the denial strategy,the public has a higher perception of the trust repair of the apology strategy.However,if the public is fully aware of the denial strategy,its repair effect is better than the apology strategy.Based on the conclusion of empirical analysis,this study puts forward the following countermeasures and Suggestions:first,the police should pay attention to the ideological education of the police,strictly abide by the code of professional ethics,and focus on the prevention of moral violations.Second,in the event of a police-related negative event,the police should guide the public to make rational attribution to prevent the spread of negative emotions.Third,in daily policing work,the police need to find the right role positioning,to enhance the initial public trust in the police.Fourth,the police should pay attention to the differences in the interpretation level of the public,guide the correct attribution of the groups with high interpretation level,and reduce the damage of the violation of moral events to the police trust of the groups with low interpretation level.Fifth,after the negative incidents involving police,the police should actively enhance the public's perception of trust repair and properly implement the denial strategy to repair the damaged police trust.
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