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Research On The Application Of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode Based On Network Teaching Platform

Posted on:2018-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z D MaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330518486123Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The ten year development plan of educational informatization(2011-2020)points out that the innovation of learning mode and educational mode is the core of the development of educational informatization.With the development of educational informationization,the flipped classroom teaching came into being,which made up for the shortcomings of the traditional teaching mode and promoted the reform and innovation of the teaching mode.Jiangxi University of Technology actively promotes the reform of the teaching mode to promote the reform of personnel training mode.In order to find a new way to turn the classroom teaching in the school,I decided to carry out the flipped classroom teaching in the course of "innovation education".The process of this research are as follows: first,through reading and studying the literature data,discusses the research background and significance,introduces the research status of the flipped classroom at home and abroad,expounds the content and methods of this study,combed the basic concept of flipped classroom and related theory,and clarifies the core connotation,flip the characteristics of classroom teaching.Two,select the 3typical flip classroom teaching mode were analyzed and compared,from which to extract the key elements of the network teaching platform of the flipped classroom teaching mode based on,and explore their relationship,lay the foundation for building a model.Based on the analysis of the literature review and the typical classroom teaching model,this paper constructs a flipped classroom teaching model based on the network teaching platform.Three,the "innovative education" course and learners are analyzed,according to the analysis results and based on the network teaching platform of the flipped classroom teaching mode,and on the basis of the relevant theory are designed respectively for flipping the classroom teaching environment,teaching objectives,teaching content,learning resources,teaching process and evaluation of learning.Four,in the network teaching platform to create "innovation education" network course design and experiment process,then design the students' comprehensive quality questionnaire and investigation,in accordance with the flip classroom teaching process design will flip the classroom teaching mode applied in practical teaching,teaching experiment.Five,the comprehensive quality of the students were late and satisfaction survey,investigation and interview,and then the comparison and analysis of the students' comprehensive quality pre and post survey investigation,analysis and investigation of flipped classroom satisfaction and interviews,finally draw the conclusion of the experiment.The conclusion of this study is: through the research and application of network teaching platform based on the flip classroom teaching mode,found that the teaching mode to improve the students' interest in learning,independent learning and collaborative learning ability,practical ability and communication ability plays a positive role in promoting.
Keywords/Search Tags:Flipped Classroom, Teaching Mode, Network Teaching Platform
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