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Design And Application Of Flipped Classroom Teaching Model Based On Simple And Excellent Network Teaching Platform

Posted on:2019-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330572462821Subject:Education Technology
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With the rapid spread of education information,the teaching reform has also attracted the attention of schools.In recent years,the teaching reform of various schools in China is in full swing,and the requirements of the new curriculum standards make it particularly important to construct a new personalized teaching mode.Researchers through the analysis of some problems existing in the traditional teaching mode,such as classroom management difficult,teachers can not meet the learning needs of every student in class,etc.,and then on the basis of fully understanding the learner characteristics,simple and teaching platform of layered preparation,classroom observation,interactive functions such as real-time,around the "high school mathematics compulsory 3" course,analysis of teaching content,build the optimal teaching platform based on Jane flip classroom teaching model,design and implementation of the teaching process,based on the model is designed to take Jane and optimal teaching platform supported by the flip of classroom teaching mode effectively promote personalized teaching.This paper expounds the research background of this article,first of all,the researchers analyzed the flip the research situation of the classroom,at home and abroad and some problems of the present high school mathematics curriculum,introduced in this paper,the research contents,methods and significance.By reading a lot of literature,the concept and characteristics of flipped classroom are summarized,and the theoretical basis of this study is introduced in detail.Secondly,by comparing the traditional teaching mode,this paper discusses the optimal teaching platform based on Jane flip the advantage of classroom teaching model,according to the teaching goal design based on the brief and the optimal teaching platform and flip it is suitable for the high school mathematics classroom teachingmode,this paper introduces the design idea of this model and the concrete implementation process.Finally,the model is applied to practical teaching activities,and the teaching effect is analyzed.The results show that the optimal teaching platform based on Jane flip through classroom teacher led the students autonomous learning,can effectively solve the teacher was unable to juggle all the students in traditional teaching,the classroom efficiency is low,the lack of student autonomy;It is beneficial to improve the efficiency of the classroom,to enable students to participate fully in the classroom,to improve students' independent learning ability and to reflect and summarize their abilities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Simple and excellent teaching platform, Flipped classroom, Class preparation, High school math
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