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Research On Internet-related Military Rumors

Posted on:2019-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330548979139Subject:Journalism and Communication
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With the rapid development of the Internet,the communication environment has become more complex than ever.A large number of types of information have flooded people.The spread of rumors has become a prominent issue for all countries.The dissemination of Internet rumors is one of them.At present,the research on internet rumors at home and abroad has formed a certain scale,with diverse research methods and fruitful research results.However,from the perspective of the specific types of content involved in online rumors,cyber militarism as one of them is also significant,but it has not been affected.The academia has paid enough attention to it and its research efforts need to be strengthened.The construction of national defense is related to national security and social stability.The network involving military rumors is of great importance and must be taken seriously.The study of network-related military rumours is conducive to revealing the essence of the Internet-related military rumors so that people can correctly treat the military-related rumors;it is conducive to the formation of a correct understanding of the military and the correct attitude towards the military;and it is conducive to the correct understanding of domestic and foreign forces.The situation is to better respond to the struggle in the military field.This paper analyzes the causes of cyber rumors in politics,economy and society.International environmental change is the political reason for military rumors,and the intensified market competition is the economic reason for military rumors.Class division and opposition are the social reasons for military rumors.At the same time,it summarizes and summarizes the ways in which cyber rumors are generated.The analysis of the harms of cyber rumors is based on the classification of network-related rumors.According to the harm of cyber rumors,it is divided into three categories:damage to military image,destruction of civil-military relations,and creation of panic atmosphere.Classes,and carried out a detailed analysis and exploration of each category,on this basis,summed up the characteristics of the network involving military rumors.Aiming at the cyber militarism rumors,we will take concrete measures from the three aspects of“gatekeeping" of network information and the improvement of media literacy and the clarification and punishment of cyber rumors,in order to enhance the ability of citizens to identify and judge cyber-related rumors.With a view to improving the status quo of“invasion and catastrophe" of online military rumors.This article focuses attention and research on the harmful information harmful to the Internet involving military rumors.It hopes that it can play a certain alert role,play a certain role in priming and attract more jade,in order to form a more systematic and perfect system.Awareness,as far as possible to prevent and eliminate the potential negative impact of cyber military rumors.
Keywords/Search Tags:cyber military rumors, military image, civil-military relations, social panic
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