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A Research On The Topics And Developmental Of Assessment Of Teaching And Learning In Higher Education

Posted on:2018-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330566451690Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Assessment of teaching and learning in higher is to study and explore the details regarding teaching and learning process.To systemically review the literature on assessment of teaching and learning is a good way to know about the focus and trend in this area.At the same time,it is a summary of existed study and a basis on which to explore the unknown field.This study is based on the analysis of articles in SSCI journal Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education(2006-2015),which indicates an uneven distribution of research topics.Most articles are concerned with matters about feedback,students' evaluation of teaching,peer-and-self assessment,educational measurement,tests and scores,methods to teach and learn,criteria-based assessment.By documenting the quantitative changes of each hot topic throughout the years,it appears that the number of studies concerning feedback,peer-and-self assessment,criteria-based assessment is growing during the ten years as a whole;meanwhile,the number of articles concerning students' evaluation of teaching,educational measurement,skill and learning outcomes assessment is relatively steady throughput the years;while the number of studies concerning topics such as tests and scores,methods to teach and learn,student engagement and learning experience is decreasing.No trend is found in number of articles concerning the rest topics.Through content analysis,it is apparent that articles in the journal focus mostly on microcosm of the teaching and learning process.However,only by following closely to the detailed matters on teaching and learning can we conclude the best practice to enhance teaching and learning in return,and that is where Chinese higher educational assessment and evaluation is going.Additionally,Chinese higher educational assessment and evaluation should keep an eye on the use of assessment tool,rather than to be controlled by assessment process to conduct teaching and learning,and to stimulate reflection on Chinese assessment practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Assessment of teaching and learning, Literature review, Feedback, Students' evaluation of teaching, Peer-and-self assessment
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