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A Research On The Countermeasures And Influencing Factors Of Vocational College Students' Career Exploration

Posted on:2018-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330569495286Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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With the development of higher education,the form of enrollment becomes more and more diversified,the vocational education is gradually integrated into the ranks of higher education,but the employment quality of vocational college students is not optimistic,the research on career exploration of vocational college students is relatively weak,the research on influcing factors of career exploration of vocational college students becomes necessary.Career exploration means that one person in a certain exploration motive explores his own internal characteristics,different occupations or work contents and types,and understands his surrounding environment consciously,knows the resources available for his own use,and gets the appropriate cognitive and emotional feedback in the process,in order to have a clearer orientation to the future career development goals.This study takes the questionnaire method as the main form and the interview as the supplemental form.The Career Exploration Survey(CES)is used as the measuring tool for the career exploration of the vocational college students.The research choosed 520 vocational college students as the respondents,and 18 vocational college students as interviewees to discuss the current situation and the reasons for it,and to analyse the influencing factors of vocational college students' career exploration respectively from three aspects of the cognitive level,action of exloring,and the emotiona in the process.The research draws the following conclusions:(1)The overall level of career development of vocational college students is in general,the main problems are as follows: the behavior of career exploration is not obvious,the reaction of career exploration is not coordinated,and the faith of career exploration is low;(2)Grade,major,school career education,father's degree and occupation are significantly different from the overall level of career exploration,and gender,ethnicity,family background,mother's degree and occupation are not significantly different in the overall level of career exploration,but there are significant differences in some dimensions(3)The school career education,family environment,social background,individual physiological and psychological characteristics will affect the career exploration of vocational college students,the most important influencing factors are concentrated on the family and the school.(4)The influence of father's occupation on the students is more than the mother's occupation,the career exploration of vocational college students is extremely affected by the school career education,it isalso affected by the different cultural and epochal background of the society.In summary,this study proposes that vocational college students should explore their own future career on their own initiative,and adjust their own emotion and professional values in the process of exploring,what,s more,vocational colleges and parents should take corresponding measures to improve the level of career development of vocational college students and to prepare the vocational career planning of vocational college students.
Keywords/Search Tags:career exploration, influencing factors, countermeasures, vocational college student
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