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Research On Career Exploration Of Freshmen

Posted on:2018-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330515976927Subject:Higher Education
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The first year of college is the initial stage of exploration and development of career.It is also the key period for freshmen to understand themselves and discover the outside world.The study of freshmen's career exploration can promote the growth and development of college students,which is of great practical and theoretical significance.The present study used interviews to conduct a research which focused on career exploration process,development confusion,activities and influencing factors of freshmen's career exploration.The author designed the interview outline and theoretical framework based on the analysis of the domestic and foreign literature and social cognition.26 students from two universities in Shanghai were willing to participate in the study,and received the first interview.Half a year later,11 of the 26 students accepted the second interviews,and they were interviewed for the third time shortly after the sophomore year.Three interviews taken together made a text material with two hundred and ten thousand words.Finally,we took the 11 freshmen who received the three interviews as the objects of analysis,and analyzed the process and characteristics of their career exploration from the end of the college entrance examination.The author found that freshmen's career exploration was a dynamic process of continuous exploration and adjustment with college entrance examination as a prelude.The examination result confused freshmen at first.Thus,in order to deal with the confusion,they launched lots of exploration activities,made self-adjustment and gradually set clear objectives for life.The confusion mainly consisted of the lack of the target and fuzzy interest,and the related exploration activities were reflected in two aspects: the internal and external environment.Internal exploration was the process of discovering the self-personality,ability,interests and so on.External exploration mainly focused on their major or attempts to break through the limitations of the present major.The exploration activities took place mainly on campus.The influencing factors of freshmen's career exploration included three aspects,that is,individual aspect,family background and college environment.Parents affected freshmen's career exploration by college entrance examination;in individual,interests not only played a role from the beginning,but also combined with self-character,ability and internal exploration activities;college environment including peer,teachers and curriculum drove freshmen to rethink and adjust himself in the exploration process.The exploration of college freshmen's career had the common features of the individual in the whole career,with college entrance examination as the start point.The two aspects of the internal and external environment of the exploration activities were consistent with the domestic and foreign research results,but it differed in the specific content.Analysis of the influencing factors of freshmen's career exploration focused on individual,family background and college environment,but not a comprehensive description of all factors.Based on the analysis and discussion of the research results,this study put forward some suggestions from three perspectives--individual,family and university.First,individuals should enhance their exploration skills and self-efficacy from multiple ways.Second,parents should give students more autonomy,create a democratic family atmosphere,be careful to their children's career expectations,and at the same time use the resources around to help children explore their careers effectively.At last,the university should actively carry out peer education,strengthen teachers' skills,make the profession more professional,enhance occupation career education and employment guidance,and develop the curriculum resources,personnel training model and major selection mechanism.
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