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Study On Education Service Student Satisfaction Evaluation In Higher Agricultural Institutions

Posted on:2019-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R Y ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330569496787Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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With the continuous development and deepening of the crisis of the popularization of higher education,colleges and universities have gradually changed their development routes,and on the basis of improving their own education and teaching quality,scientific research capabilities,and comprehensive competitiveness,they have paid more attention to establishing universities that “people are satisfied” with.The main body of higher education services is students.The measurement of student satisfaction is an inevitable process of students participating in education and teaching activities and enjoying the results of education and teaching.It is also the most direct and most effective evaluation index of higher education services,education and teaching quality.As a strong support for the development of agriculture,higher agricultural colleges and universities not only shoulder the responsibility of cultivating agricultural and rural talents who understand agriculture,love rural areas and love farmers,but also can boost the development of local agriculture and local economy through their own research capabilities.Therefore,higher agriculture The measurement of student satisfaction at colleges and universities is particularly important.The measurement of student satisfaction is a relatively comprehensive measurement tool that can improve the level of higher education services and the quality of education based on the students' own experience.It can also help schools adapt to the evolving economy and society and continuously improve the development level of the institutions.This study mainly focuses on the following aspects: First,it studies the theory of student satisfaction.By summarizing the relevant theories at home and abroad,the theories and concepts involved in this study are sorted out,and the concept connotation,influencing factors,and other aspects of student satisfaction are reviewed.The second area is model research.Based on the research results of the customer satisfaction model both at home and abroad,the conceptual model and the indicator system that meet the student satisfaction are constructed based on the analysis of the model of student satisfaction in China and the actual research.The third aspect is pre-investigation.Through the reliability,exploratory factor analysis and correlation test of each variable in the student satisfaction model,the reliability and validity of the measurement system were verified.In the fourth aspect,students from agricultural colleges and universities in northeastern China were selected as research objects to conduct empirical research on student satisfaction in higher agricultural colleges.AMOS result equation software and SPSS statistical software were used to estimate and test the model and hypothesis fitting indicators.The overall situation of student satisfaction in higher agricultural colleges and the analysis of the utility of each variable in the model was calculated.Finally,a one-way analysis of variance was performed.The significant differences in the personal attribute differences to student satisfaction were discussed.The research results show that the final score of student satisfaction in higher agricultural colleges is 71.13 points,which indicates that the overall satisfaction level is general;among the higher agricultural colleges in Northeast China,Northeast Agricultural University has the highest overall satisfaction score,which is significantly higher than other higher agriculture.Institutions;while there are direct or indirect impacts on the seven structural variables in the satisfaction model,of which the one that has the greatest impact on student satisfaction is value perception,followed by quality perception,student expectations,and school image,with the greatest effect on overall utility.It is student expectations,followed by school image,quality perception,and value perception;individual attributes have significant differences in student satisfaction,and there are different degrees of impact on variables in the model of student satisfaction in higher agricultural colleges.The overall level of satisfaction of institutions is significantly higher than that of boys.The level of student satisfaction in rural students is generally higher than that of students in urban areas.Students of graduate and above grades have higher levels of satisfaction with campus culture.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher agricultural colleges, Student satisfaction, Structural equation model, Evaluation
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