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Analysis And Design Of Open Online Eduecation Platform Based On Mode Of Flipped Class

Posted on:2016-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330503992557Subject:Software engineering
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With the massive open online courses sponsored(MOOC) set off a wave of online education, and the rapid development of China online education, The aim of this study was to promote flipped classroom and solve the current development of China's online education problems.The paper analyze current situation of the development of online education and the existing problems, points out that MOOC teaching model has some serious problems, making the analysis and demonstration of more in-depth on flipped classroom, improve that online teaching platform of flipped classroom is the integration of information technology and teaching reform.The paper based on the university teaching reform project, and the main content is analysis and design online teaching platform, which would support the reform of flipped classroom and spread the flipped classroom mode. The paper combined with the special requirements of flipped teaching mode, researching needs in some teaching reform pilot, analysis system functional requirements and non-functional requirements, and giving a description of the UML model. Based on the system requirement analysis, system design scheme is given, including: system function module division, the system architecture design, system database design, and streaming media scheme supported by system.Flip-based classroom teaching online courses platform system includes seven parts: commencement management, curriculum management subsystem, online homework, online Q & A, online testing, performance management, and systems management. The system uses the LAMP architecture framework, using the mainstream as a development language PHP, using a MySQL database, implementing the main functions of the system platform ultimately.This paper has carried on the questionnaire survey feedback to system implementation, sorting out feedback to assessment of the system implementation.Feedback investigation verified the theory of flipped classroom method and online education, proved that this kind of teaching platform would achieve the expected effect. The survey also found that the shortcoming and insufficiency of the system,and pointed out the direction of improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:online education, flipped classroom, MOOC, teaching platform, classroom teaching mode
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