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Research On The Teaching Pattern Of High School It Course In Flipped Classroom Based On Moodle Platform

Posted on:2016-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330464473272Subject:Modern educational technology
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With the in-depth promotion of the reform of new curriculum and rapid development of information technology information, new teaching ideas and technique of high school are constantly emerging, but the traditional teaching pattern has not well adapted to these new technology and new concept. Flipped classroom changed the teaching pattern and redefined the teaching process really, it is conducive to the high school IT course teaching and individualized collaborative learning environment building, helps to cultivate the students’ initiative, creative, and collaborative. In the meantime, a suitable teaching platform is essential for flipped classroom, Moodle platform is known for mature technology and powerful function, so it become the suitable choice of flipped classroom.With the high school IT course as the research object, based on academic research experiences about flipped classroom on the free and open Moodle online educational platform, this paper use the literature research method, questionnaire method, interview method, case study method to research. Based on careful analysis and research about home and abroad flipping classroom modes, combining with the characteristics of high school information technology, designed the teaching steps of this curriculum before, in and after the flipping classroom based on Moodle platform, and proposed teaching pattern based on Moodle platform. Put the second grade students in Hangzhou Second High School as the experimental object, and Information Technology Foundation of Zhejiang edition as the teaching content. Through the examination, observation, questionnaire and interview to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of using flipped classroom based on self-built Moodle platform in senior high schools.The research of the information technology in middle school based on flipped classroom under Moodle achieve the personalized learning, students can learn at their own pace, with the help of the teaching platform and classroom observation, teachers can also provide students with more individualized instruction. Autonomous learning achieved, passive learning turned into active learning, and students stressed that " I want to learn". The practice research shows, the teaching mode of the information technology in middle school based on flipped classroom under Moodle is not only stimulate students’ interest in studying and achieve personalized studying, but also improve the teaching effect, cultivate students’ autonomous learning ability and collaborative communication ability. This research provides a reference for other information technology teachers carry out flipped classroom teaching mode and teaching reform of primary and middle schools.
Keywords/Search Tags:information technology, flipped classroom, Moodle platform
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