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The Relationship Between Occupational Identity,family Environment And Career Decision-making Self-efficacy Of Senior High School Students

Posted on:2020-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575460671Subject:Mental health education
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The reform of the new college entrance examination system has increased the number of choices faced by students.Compared with the liberal arts and sciences before the reform,The current mode of choosing 3 out of 6 has a greater impact on college major selection and future career choice,and course selection needs to be completed in the first year of high school.Therefore,it is necessary for us to understand the vocational self-recognition and decision-making ability of senior high school students.Based on the analysis of the basic characteristics of family environment,career decision-making self-efficacy and career identity of senior high school students,this paper discusses whether there is an intermediary role between family environment and career identity and career decision-making self-efficacy.In this study,the Family Environment Scale,Career Decision-making Self-efficacy Scale and Vocational Identity Scale were used to investigate 289 senior high school students in six high schools in Shanghai.SPSS18.0 and AMOS22.0 were used for statistical analysis of the data.At the same time,on the basis of quantitative research,another 178 senior high school students were surveyed,and 21 typical cases were selected for interview,so as to further study the influencing factors of occupational identity and self-efficacy of career decision-making.Finally,combined with the results of quantitative analysis and interview research,it provides effective suggestions for career planning education in high school.The research results show that:(1)Professional identity is positively correlated with intimacy,culture and entertainment.Self-efficacy of career decision-making is positively correlated with intimacy,emotional expression,success,culture,entertainment and organization,and negatively correlated with contradiction.There is a high correlation between the dimensions of self-efficacy and professional identity.(2)Cultural factors,goal selection and self-evaluation can significantly predictthe level of professional identity,while cultural and success factors can significantly predict the self-efficacy of career decision making(3)Self-efficacy of career decision making plays a mediating role in the relationship between family environment and occupational identity.This study has some guiding significance on how to promote the career development and education of high school students under the background of the new college entrance examination.First,school themed educational activities,vocational data collection and social practice can promote the development of self-efficacy and professional identity in career decision-making.Second,family education is of great significance to the career development of high school students.
Keywords/Search Tags:Vocational identity, Family Environment, Career decision-making self-efficacy, Senior high school students, The new college entrance examination system
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