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Research On The Relationship Between Career Decision-making Style, Career Decision-making Self-efficacy And Career Decision-making Difficulties Of Vocational Students

Posted on:2020-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330602462469Subject:Applied Psychology
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Career decision-making difficulties refer to the difficulties that individuals encounter in choosing and making decisions at various stages in the process of career decision-making.Common forms include inadequate preparation,lack of information,inconsistent information and so on.Career decision-making difficulties affect the speed and quality of career decision-making,and ultimately affect the employment situation of individuals.Existing research shows that the level of career decision-making difficulty of higher vocational college students is higher than that of ordinary college students.Higher vocational college students account for a considerable proportion in the employment market of college graduates,so reducing their career decision-making difficulties is not only helpful to improve the employment rate of higher vocational college students,but also helpful to improve the employment environment of college graduates.Research has shown that adaptive decision-making style is not only beneficial to improve individual's career decision-making self-efficacy(Mau,2000)but also conducive to a certain extent,reduce the career decision-making difficulties(Willner,Gati&Guan,2015).This study takes higher vocational college students as the research object,explores the development status of their career decision-making style,career decision-making self-efficacy and career decision-making difficulties,reveals the relationship between the three,and based on the research results,puts forward feasible suggestions on how to reduce the career decision-making difficulties of higher vocational college students.Through random sampling,700 people from some higher vocational colleges in a certain area were selected to conduct a survey,using the Career Decision Style Questionnaire(CDMP),Career Decision Self-efficacy Scale and Career Decision Difficulty Questionnaire.A total of 689 valid questionnaires were collected and analyzed by SPSS 21.0 and Amos 21.0.The following results were obtained:(1)The overall level of career decision-making difficulties of higher vocational college students was lower(M=3.51,SD=0.52).The scores of information collection,information processing,effort input,decision-making speed,willingness to please others,desire for a perfect career and willingness to compromise in career decision-making style were higher than the median value(M????=5.17,SD=0.83;M????=4.99,SD=0.82;M??????=5.12,SD=0.85;M????=4.50,SD=0.98;m???????=4.39,SD=0.92;M????????=4.73,SD=0.90;M????=4.66,SD=0.75).The level was higher(M=3.36,SD=0.51).(2)Adaptive decision-making styles such as comprehensive collection of information and rational analysis of information were positively correlated with career decision-making difficulties and career decision-making self-efficacy,and career decision-making self-efficacy was positively correlated with career decision-making difficulties.(3)The results of structural equation model show that information processing,desire for a perfect career,counseling others,degree of involvement,procrastination and dependence on others can influence career decision-making difficulties through the mediating role of career decision-making self-efficacy.Among them,the intermediary role of career decision-making self-efficacy between dependence on others and career decision-making difficulties is complete,while the rest are partial intermediaries.Conclusion:Vocational decision-making difficulty level of higher vocational college students is low,and their career decision-making style is mainly adaptive style,and their career decision-making self-efficacy is also high.Adaptive career decision-making style helps to improve the career decision-making self-efficacy of higher vocational college students,thus effectively reducing the career decision-making difficulty.
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