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Study On The Efficiency Of The Government Human Capital Investment In Northeast China

Posted on:2020-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330575495191Subject:Labor economics
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More and more countries and regions are no longer limited to the competition of material capital,and they are beginning to pay attention to the competition of human capital.Based on the background of the economic status decline compared to the early days of the nation and the sustained slowdown in economic growth in northeast China,this paper focuses on the efficiency of human capital investment and strives to achieve high efficiency of human capital investment,which promote economic growth in the northeast China.After combing the relevant literatures of domestic and foreign scholars on human capital theory and human capital investment efficiency,the paper puts forward the research ideas of the government human capital investment efficiency in northeast China.First,the status quo of human capital in northeast China is described.It is found that there are many problems in population size and population structure in northeast China.The problems of the super falling population of children,aging,and population loss are serious,and the human capital stock and government human capital investment rank middle and low among all provinces.Next,the non-parametric method is used to measure the efficiency with the inputs and outputs of education,health care,social security and employment.The DEA method based on the BCC model is adopted to estimate the government human capital investment efficiency of 34 cities in northeast China in 2016.The static analysis of human capital investment efficiency shows that the overall efficiency is at a medium-high level,but there still exist cities with low efficiency and phenomenon of inequality in efficiency of the distribution.Then,based on the Malmquist index method,the dynamic analysis of human capital investment efficiency in 2011-2016 is carried out.During the period,the total factor productivity of human capital investment in the northeastern region is declining due to the low level of technology and the limited investment channels of enterprises,individuals and so on.Afterwards,based on the attribute of efficiency value with limited scope,the Tobit model is used to analyze the relevant factors affecting the efficiency of government human capital investment in northeast China.It is confirmed that the economic development,economic openness and urbanization will improve the efficiency of government human capital investment Finally,the paper puts forward specific policy recommendations from the five aspects of establishing a government-dominated human capital investment pattern,promoting the transformation of new and old kinetic energy,upgrading the technical level,deepening the urbanization process,and continuing economic opening.
Keywords/Search Tags:human capital, investment efficiency, DEA, Malmquist index, Tobit model
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