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The Research And Practice Of Flipped Classroom Model Based On Rain Classroom Platform

Posted on:2020-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575966039Subject:The modern education technology
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With the application and development of information technology,The smartphone has gradually entered the modern classroom teaching,which has brought huge impacts and challenges to traditional classroom teaching.The flipped classroom mode subverts the process of traditional teaching knowledge transfer,redistributes the learning time inside and outside the classroom,and transfers the initiative of learning to students,thus establishing an efficient classroom.The flipped classroom provides an opportunity for the reform of secondary vocational classroom teaching and provides solutions for changing the current situation of secondary vocational teaching.Starting from the actual situation of teaching work,this paper uses mobile phone as a classroom-assisted teaching tool to improve students' learning efficiency by flipping the effective development of the classroom.According to the related research of flipped classroom,flipped the classroom is of great significance for cultivating students' learning autonomy and inquiry ability.Xuetang Online and the Tsinghua University Online Education Office launched the Rain Classroom Teaching Tool to track the whole process of pre-class preparation,class interaction and after-school summarization and promotion.After a detailed understanding of the interface,functions and advantages of the rain classroom platform,combined with the learning characteristics of secondary vocational students,the teaching form of “rain classroom + flipped classroom” was constructed.The detailed analysis and specific design of teaching content,teaching resources,teaching activities,teaching evaluation,etc.are carried out in a targeted manner,and a flipped classroom teaching design framework based on the rain classroom platform is constructed.Taking129 students of the 2018 middle-level e-commerce major of Chongqing Microelectronics Industry School as the research object,and taking the construction of the instructional design framework as the guide,the pre-class preparation,inter-class interaction and after-school promotion of the "E-commerce Foundation" of the secondary vocational school were carried out.Specific teaching practices.After theteaching practice,the questionnaires were designed from the three dimensions of support attitude,willingness and help,and the data analysis method was used to analyze and summarize the learning scores of the practice class and the control class.Research shows that the “rain classroom” teaching platform provides convenient conditions for the effective development and implementation of the flipped classroom.This practice has a positive and positive impact on the learner's learning initiative,interest in learning,and participation in learning.It deepens the understanding and mastery of the learning content and verifies the validity and feasibility of this practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rain classroom, Flipped classroom, E-commerce foundation, Instructional design, Teaching practice
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